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Hybrid (Windows+Linux) Docker Swarm
*** Pre-requisites ***
1. Set up Windows 2016 password:
gcloud beta compute --project <project_id> reset-windows-password <instance_name> --zone <zone_name>
ip_address: <ip_address>
password: <defult_password_generated>
username: <username>
3. Installing Docker:
3. Setup firewall rules in GCP (VPC Network --> Firewall Rules):
TCP port 2376 for secure Docker client communication.
TCP port 2377 for communication between the nodes of a Docker Swarm or cluster (only on manager nodes)
TCP and UDP port 7946 for communication among nodes.
UDP port 4789 for overlay network traffic.
*** Commands ***
1. Setting up manager:
docker swarm init --advertise-addr --listen-addr
2. Joining the workers:
docker swarm join --token <token_id>
3. Check for status:
docker node ls
4. Apply labels for easy id/deployment:
docker node update --label-add os=windows manager
docker node update --label-add os=windows worker1
docker node update --label-add os=linux worker2
5. Verify the labels:
docker node inspect manager | findstr 'os'
docker node inspect worker3 | findstr 'os'
6. Check the N/W types:
docker network ls
7. Create an application overlay N/W:
docker network create -d overlay meetupnet
8. Create a "db" service for Windows nodes:
docker service create --name db --network meetupnet --constraint 'node.labels.os==windows' --endpoint-mode dnsrr redis:3.2.100-nanoserver
9. Create a "web" service for Linux nodes:
docker service create --name web --network meetupnet --constraint 'node.labels.os==linux' --publish 80:80 radumatei/python-web
10. Scaling the "db" service:
docker service scale db=3
docker service ls
docker service ps db
11. Add a Linux worker node and promote to manager:
docker swarm join --token <token_id>
docker node update --label-add os=linux worker3
docker node promote worker3
12. Scaling the "web" Service:
docker service scale web=3
docker service ls
docker service ps web
13. Configure nginx.conf with IP addresses of Docker host machines
14. Build custom Docker images:
cat Dockerfile
docker build . -t nginx:meetupdemo
docker images
15. Run the new nginx image:
docker run -p 80:80 -d nginx:meetupdemo
docker ps
*** External References ***
1. Up-to-date info/changes of Docker on Windows -
2. Use Docker Swarm to run a Windows+Linux containerized application -
3. Hybrid Docker Swarm cluster with multi-os deployment -
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dazinator commented Aug 18, 2021

Any joy mounting directories from windows hosts into linux containers deployed through docker stack deploy ? I have tried many variations but can't find a winner: moby/moby#34997 (comment)

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