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pixelmager / gpuview.txt
Last active Jun 19, 2019
gpuview links
View gpuview.txt
View gob.h
// My investigations on the C standard compliance of Gob and related techniques:
#pragma once
#include <stdint.h>
#pragma pack(push, 8)
#if __cplusplus >= 201103L || (__cplusplus && _MSC_VER >= 1900)
View fibers.c
#include <stdio.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <assert.h>
#include <string.h>
#define streq(a, b) (!strcmp((a), (b)))
#ifndef __USE_GNU
#define __USE_GNU
pervognsen / mu.cpp
Last active Jan 28, 2019
Mu as of the second stream
View mu.cpp
#include "mu.h"
#include <malloc.h>
#include <math.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#define NO_STRICT
dwilliamson /
Last active Feb 7, 2019
Minimal Code Generation for STL-like Containers

This is my little Christmas-break experiment trying to (among other things) reduce the amount of generated code for containers.


The C++ STL is still an undesirable library for many reasons I have extolled in the past. But it's also a good library. Demons lie in this here debate and I have no interest in revisiting it right now.

The goals that I have achieved with this approach are:

aras-p / GraphicsCapsGLES.h
Created Apr 26, 2015
Part of runtime flags that kick in different things on our GL implementaton
View GraphicsCapsGLES.h
int maxAASamplesConst; // gles2 img/apple/ext extensions all use different constants (facepalm)
int halfConst; // gles2 and gles3 have different constants for half float type
int texSRGBAConst; // gles2 (without 'internal format' ext) and gles3 have different constants for SRGB RGBA texture type
int texSRGBConst; // gles2 (without 'internal format' ext) and gles3 have different constants for SRGB RGB texture type
int etcFormatConst; // gles2/gles3 have different standard etc formats
bool isPvrGpu;
bool isMaliGpu;
bool isAdrenoGpu;
bool isTegraGpu;
View Tetrahedra-based Volumetric Meshes.txt
Below I collected relevant links and papers more or less pertaining to the subject of tetrahedral meshes.
It's an ever-growing list.
Relevant links:
ocornut / printf_tips.cpp
Last active Feb 7, 2019
C/C++ tips for using printf-style functions
View printf_tips.cpp
// C/C++ tips for using printf-style functions
// Lots of manipulation can be expressed simply and fast with printf-style formatting
// Also helps reducing the number of temporaries, memory allocations or copies
// ( If you are looking for a simple C++ string class that is printf-friendly and not heap-abusive,
// I've been using this one: )
// If you are interested in a FASTER implementation of sprintf functions, see stb_sprintf.h
// How to concatenate non-zero terminated strings
View SDL_opengl_load.h
#ifndef _SDL_opengl_load_h
#define _SDL_opengl_load_h
#define glBlendColor SDL_glBlendColor
#define glBlendEquation SDL_glBlendEquation
dwilliamson / SH.h
Last active Oct 28, 2018
Shared SH Library for C++/HLSL/OpenCL/CUDA using pycgen to generate/document optimal transforms
View SH.h
// References
// [1] Sloan, P.-P., Luna, B., and Snyder, J. 2005.
// Local, deformable precomputedradiance transfer.
// ACM Trans. Graph. 24, 3, 1216–1223
// [2] Stupid Spherical Harmonics (SH) Tricks
// Peter-Pike Sloan, Microsoft Corporation
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