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Nicolas P. Rougier rougier

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View Disable Device Enrollment Program (DEP) notification on macOS

Disable Device Enrollment Program (DEP) notification on macOS

NB! command-R is replaced with holding the power button on M1 macs.

With full reinstall (recommended)

   a. Boot into recovery using command-R during reboot, wipe the harddrive using Disk Utility, and select reinstall macOS

   b. Initial installation will run for approximately 1 hour, and reboot once

rougier / bibtex.png
Created Jul 18, 2022 — forked from maxogden/bibtex.png
How to make a scientific looking PDF from markdown (with bibliography)
rougier /
Created May 7, 2022
Filter for imenu-list

Section 1

Section 1.1

Section 1.1.1

Section 1.1.2

Section 1.2

Section 1.2.1

Section 1.2.2

rougier / emacs-dnd-protocol.el
Created Apr 30, 2022
GNU Emacs DND protocol
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;; Open scratch buffer, evalute code below and drag and drop some files onto the scratch buffer.
;; Code by Ivan Tadeu Ferreira Antunes Filho
(defun scratch--file-insert (uri)
(message "%s" uri))
(defun scratch--file-dnd-fallback (uri action)
(let ((dnd-protocol-alist
(rassq-delete-all 'scratch--file-dnd-protocol
View gist:dacf084aa629a2ecd1b45a1b4fd31eef
# From
# Code by Thomas Lux
# Return a randomized "range" using a Linear Congruential Generator
# to produce the number sequence. Parameters are the same as for
# python builtin "range".
# Memory -- storage for 8 integers, regardless of parameters.
# Compute -- at most 2*"maximum" steps required to generate sequence.
def random_range(start, stop=None, step=None):
rougier / nano-minibuffer.el
Created Mar 25, 2022
Minibuffer frame for Nano Emacs
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;; Nicolas .P Rougier emacs configuration - mini-frame configuration
;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------
(require 'vertico)
(require 'marginalia)
(require 'mini-frame)
(defun minibuffer-setup ()
;; This prevents the header line to spill over second line
(let ((inhibit-message t))
rougier /
Created Feb 1, 2022
NΛNO Emacs font stack

NΛNO Emacs font stack

  • Default font: Roboto Mono , 14pt, Light
  • Italic font: Victor Mono , 14pt, Semilight
  • Bold font: Roboto Mono , 14pt, Regular
  • Unicode font: Inconsolata , 16pt, Light
  • Icon font: Roboto Mono Nerd , 12pt, Light

Text excerpt using a gorgeous and true italic font (Victor Mono), chosen to really stand out from the default font (Roboto Mono).

rougier /
Created Dec 29, 2021
Literate & annotated bibliography using NANO Emacs & orgmode


To Read

Neuroscience needs evolution [cite:@Cisek:2021] |PDF|

  title =        {Neuroscience needs evolution},
rougier / drop-shadows.el
Last active Dec 2, 2021
Emacs drop shadows
View drop-shadows.el
(require 'xml)
(require 'svg)
(let* ((text "Hello world!")
(font (query-font (font-at (point-min))))
(font-size (elt font 2))
(family (face-attribute 'default :family))
(descent (elt font 4))
(ascent (elt font 5))
(svg-height (+ ascent descent))
rougier / init-agenda.el
Created Nov 28, 2021
Org agenda with dynamics icons
View init-agenda.el
(require 'svg-lib)
(defun org-agenda-custom-date ()
(let* ((timestamp (org-entry-get nil "TIMESTAMP"))
(timestamp (or timestamp (org-entry-get nil "DEADLINE"))))
(if timestamp
(let* ((timestamp (ts-parse-org timestamp))
(delta (/ (ts-diff timestamp (ts-now)) (* 24 60 60)))
(delta (/ (+ 1 delta) 30))