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Emacs Multiline mode-line
;; -------------------------------------------------------------------
;; A proof of concept for a multi header or mode line
;; Multi line header or mode line is made possible by generating an
;; SVG image made of two small lines of text. It is certainly memory
;; hungry but it seems to be fast enough to display line/column while
;; typing text. It can probably be extended in a number of ways.
;; Feel free to modify it for your own needs.
;; -------------------------------------------------------------------
(require 'svg)
(defun tag (line-1 font-size-1 font-family-1 foreground-1
line-2 font-size-2 font-family-2 foreground-2
(let* ((font-size-1 (or font-size-1 14))
(char-width-1 (* font-size-1 0.6))
(char-height-1 (+ font-size-1 0.0))
(width-1 (* char-width-1 20))
(height-1 (+ (* char-height-1 2) 1))
(font-size-2 (or font-size-2 14))
(char-width-2 (* font-size-2 0.6))
(char-height-2 (+ font-size-2 0.0))
(width-2 (* char-width-2 20))
(height-2 (+ (* char-height-2 2) 1))
(width (max width-1 width-2))
(height (max height-1 height-2))
(x1 (if left 0 (- width (* char-width-1 (+ (length line-1) .0)))))
(x2 (if left 0 (- width (* char-width-2 (+ (length line-2) .0)))))
(y1 char-height-1)
(y2 (+ (* char-height-2 2) 1))
(svg (svg-create width height)))
(svg-text svg line-1
:font-family font-family-1
:font-size font-size-1 :fill foreground-1
:x x1 :y y1)
(svg-text svg line-2
:font-family font-family-2
:font-size font-size-2 :fill foreground-2
:x x2 :y y2)
(define-key mode-line-major-mode-keymap [header-line]
(lookup-key mode-line-major-mode-keymap [mode-line]))
(defun mode-line-render (left right)
(let* ((available-width (- (window-width) (length left))))
(format (format "%%s %%%ds" available-width) left right)))
(setq-default header-line-format
(propertize (make-string 20 ?\ )
'display (svg-image
(tag (format-mode-line "%m") 12 "Roboto Mono Light" "#00008b"
(format-mode-line "%b") 14 "Roboto Mono" "black"
t) :ascent 100)))
(propertize (make-string 18 ?\ )
'display (svg-image
(tag (format-mode-line "GNU Emacs 26.3 ") 12 "Roboto Mono Light" "#00008b"
(format-mode-line "%4l:%2c") 12 "Roboto Mono Light" "#999999"
nil) :ascent 100)))))))

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