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Package manager-independent bash aliases
# paci - install one or more packages
# pacu - upgrade all packages to their newest version
# pacr - uninstall one or more packages
# pacs - search for a package using one or more keywords
# pacinfo - show information about a package
# pacinstalled - show if a package is installed
# paca - list all installed packages
# paclo - list all packages which are orphaned
# pacdnc - delete all not currently installed package files
# pacfiles - list all files installed by a given package
# pacwhoownsit - show what package owns a given file
# paclcf - list config files installed by a given package
# pacexpl - mark one or more packages as explicitly installed
# pacimpl - mark one or more packages as non explicitly installed
if [ -e "/usr/bin/apt-get" ] ; then # Apt-based distros (Debian, Ubuntu, etc.)
sudoaptget="sudo $aptget"
alias paci="$sudoaptget install"
alias pacu="$sudoaptget update"
alias pacs="$aptcache search"
alias pacinfo="$aptcache show"
alias pacinstalled="$aptcache policy"
alias paca="$dpkg --get-selections"
alias pacfiles="$dpkg -L"
elif [ -e "/usr/bin/pacman" ] ; then # Arch Linux
sudopacman="sudo $pacman"
alias paci="$pacman -S"
alias pacu="$pacman -Syu"
alias pacr="$sudopacman -Rns"
alias pacs="$pacman -Ss"
alias pacinfo="$pacman -Si"
alias paca="$pacman -Q"
alias paclo="$pacman -Qdt"
alias pacdnc="$sudopacman -Scc"
alias pacfiles="$pacman -Ql"
alias pacexpl="$pacman -D --asexp"
alias pacimpl="$pacman -D --asdep"
elif [ -e "/usr/bin/yum" ] ; then # RPM-based distros
sudoyum="sudo $yum"
alias paci="$sudoyum install"
alias pacu="$sudoyum update"
alias pacr="$sudoyum remove"
alias pacs="$yum search"
alias pacfiles="$repoquery -lq --installed"
alias pacwhoownsit="$yum whatprovides"
alias pacinfo="$yum info"
alias paclfc="$yum -qc"
alias paccheckforupdates="$sudoyum list updates"
elif [ -e "/usr/local/bin/brew" ] ; then # homebrew
alias paci="$brew install"
alias pacu="$brew update"
alias pacup="$brew upgrade"
alias pacs="$brew search"
alias pacr="$brew uninstall"
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