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Working from home

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Working from home
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defmodule Flattery do
def run({a, b}, acc)
when is_map(b) == false,
do: Map.merge(acc, %{a => b})
def run({_a, b}, acc)
when is_map(b),
do: go(b, acc)
def run({a, b}, acc),
rsgrafx / Atom.snippets.cson
Created May 29, 2018
Elixir Atom Snippets
View Atom.snippets.cson
'Iex Pry':
'body': """
require IEx
'New GenServer':
'body': """
rsgrafx / queen_attack.exs
Created May 7, 2018
Queen Attack Exercism solution
View queen_attack.exs
defmodule Queens do
@type t :: %Queens{black: {integer, integer}, white: {integer, integer}, grid: List.t()}
defstruct black: nil, white: nil, grid: nil
@doc """
Creates a new set of Queens
@spec new({integer, integer}, {integer, integer}, integer) :: t()
def new(white \\ {0, 3}, black \\ {7, 3}, grid \\ 8)
rsgrafx / using-with.exs
Created Apr 30, 2016
Best use cases for 'with' in elixir
View using-with.exs
defmodule Bicycle do
defstruct [wheels: 2, pedals: nil, seat: nil, pass: nil]
defmodule BikeTypeCheck do
def check(%Bicycle{wheels: count, pedals: val}=bike) do
return = with {:ok, 2} <- count_wheels(count),
{:ok, true} <- has_pedals(val),
do: pedal_away(bike)
rsgrafx / citrusbyte.exs
Last active Dec 18, 2016
Citrusbyte. list reduce in Elixir
View citrusbyte.exs
defmodule Citrusbyte do
@moduledoc """
This module - demonstrates use of pattern matching in Elixir to modify a list.
[[1,2,[3]],4] -> [1,2,3,4]
Citrusbyte.example [[1,2,[3]],4] #=> [1,2,3,4]
rsgrafx / paperclip.ex
Last active Sep 18, 2017
Setting up Arc in a phoenix app that was ported from a rails app using paperclip.
View paperclip.ex
# Ecto - Model
defmodule YourPhoenixApp.PaperclipAvatar do
use YourPhoenixApp.Web, :model
alias YourPhoenixApp.{Repo, PaperclipAvatar}
# There are places in my existing app where only the avatar image is required.
# So I created a module that sole purpose was to read that data.
schema "users" do
field :avatar_file_name, :string
rsgrafx / rewrite.exs
Last active Jan 29, 2016
elixir rewrite folder structure from filenames.
View rewrite.exs
# Specifically written for - this problem with folders unzipped from this website.
# may be able to help someone solve similar issue.
# Problem: Folder contains no folder structure - but hints at them in the file names:
# /
# Theme-LightWayAdmin\blog.html
# Theme-LightWayAdmin\font-awesome\less\list.less
# Theme-LightWayAdmin\bootstrap-elements.html
# Theme-LightWayAdmin\font-awesome\less\mixins.less
rsgrafx / Deploying NON Phoenix apps
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Deploying Simple NON Phoenix apps on VPS ( linode / Digital ocean) with Git
View Deploying NON Phoenix apps
#-- Follow this great writeup for prerequisites- having erlang/elixir/gitinstalled.
#-- Setting up repos on the vps etc.
# In my case - I'M NOT USING PHOENIX I had to modified the post-receive hook in the repo
#-------- post-receive hook
git --work-tree=/<your>/<path>/<> --git-dir=/<your>/<path>/<toyour.REPO> checkout -f;
cd /<your>/<path>/<>
View server_process.ex
# Eratta Elixir In Action Chpt. 6 Listing 6.x pg. 170
defmodule ServerProcess do
def start(callback_mod) do
spawn(fn ->
initial_state = callback_mod.init
loop(callback_mod, initial_state)
rsgrafx / gist:9862471
Created Mar 29, 2014
I started using Enumerable#detect. Decided to have a little fun with procs.
View gist:9862471
log = [
{time: 201201, x: 2},{time: 201201, y: 7},{time: 201201, z: 2},
{time: 201202, a: 3},{time: 201202, b: 4},{time: 201202, c: 0}
# Required - Results.
required_result = [{:time=>201201, :x=>2, :y=>7, :z=>2}, {:time=>201202, :a=>3, :b=>4, :c=>0}]
# Using global variables * and #Procs
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