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Created Jul 27, 2018
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defmodule Flattery do
def run({a, b}, acc)
when is_map(b) == false,
do: Map.merge(acc, %{a => b})
def run({_a, b}, acc)
when is_map(b),
do: go(b, acc)
def run({a, b}, acc),
do: Map.merge(acc, %{a => b})
def go(enum, acc \\ %{})
def go(enum, acc) do
Enum.reduce(enum, acc, &run/2)

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@rsgrafx rsgrafx commented Jul 27, 2018

Sometimes we forget things. Is there an existing function on Map or Enum to flatten a map with many nested maps.

#> Flattery.go(%{foo: %{bar: 1, baz: %{bingo: 2, basic: %{zed: 3}}}})
#> %{bar: 1, bingo: 2, zed: 3}

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