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Irfan Ahmed rubyrider

  • Lodz, Poland
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View documentation_example.rb
require_relative 'postman/email_base'
require_relative 'postman/mail_gun_postman'
require_relative 'postman/custom_sms_gateway'
module Janao
module Postman
# Sets list of allowed email adapters
'MailGun' => MailGunPostman
rubyrider / # qt - 2018-10-07_16-01-34.txt
Created Oct 7, 2018
qt on macOS 10.14 - Homebrew build logs
View # qt - 2018-10-07_16-01-34.txt
Homebrew build logs for qt on macOS 10.14
Build date: 2018-10-07 16:01:34
rubyrider / .rubocop.yml
Created Sep 19, 2018
Rubocop Configuration for Rails
View .rubocop.yml
require: rubocop-rspec
Enabled: true
# Commonly used screens these days easily fit more than 80 characters.
Max: 120
# Too short methods lead to extraction of single-use methods, which can make
View Refinement example
# Original AFooClass
class AFoo
def bar
puts "Foooo Bar"
# Refining Module
module RefiningAFoo
View mix_array_flattener.rb
# Module MixArrayFlattener
# Add #flatten_array to Array for the purpose
# of flatten nested array
module MixArrayFlattener
InvalidArrayItemFound =
# Flatten nested array!
# @return single flat array,
View A piece of reduced code to build a crawler!
con ='') do |config|
config.build_page do |page|
page.content_identifier = 'a.faclink'
page.url = ''
page.build_details 'Bablon College' do |details|
details.department = '.bio_facultytitle > h3' = 'span[class*=name_]' = 'a[href*=mailto]' = '.ms-rtestate-field > img'
View Active Admin belongs to filter with custom foreign key
module ActiveAdmin
module Filters
# This form builder defines methods to build filter forms such
# as the one found in the sidebar of the index page of a standard resource.
class FormBuilder < ::ActiveAdmin::FormBuilder
include ::ActiveAdmin::Filters::FormtasticAddons
self.input_namespaces = [::Object, ::ActiveAdmin::Inputs::Filters, ::ActiveAdmin::Inputs, ::Formtastic::Inputs]
# TODO: remove input class finders after formtastic 4 (where it will be default)
self.input_class_finder = ::Formtastic::InputClassFinder
rubyrider / Just Snippets
Created Dec 28, 2014
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# in controller#action
@posts = Post.all.group_by(&:created_at)
# view
<% @posts.each do |date, posts | %>
<h2><%= date.strftime("#{} %B,%Y") %></h2>
<% posts.each do | post | %>
<td><%= post.what_ever_column_you_need %></td>
<% end %>
View Rspec Code example
describe 'EducationRecord' do
let(:user) {users(:john)}
let(:candidate) {candidates(:john_candidate)}
before do
cookies[:user_auth_token] = encrypt_token(user.access_token)
around(:each) do |example|
VCR.use_cassette(:get_user_from_sso, {}, &example)
rubyrider / event.rb
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Event Fetching Process
View event.rb
module FetchEvent
extend ActiveSupport::Concern
def fetch_additional_photo
@offset, limit, fixed = 50, 50, 50
excluding_pid_lists = [].join(',')
0.upto(@offset) do |i|
increment = (fixed*i)
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