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Working from home
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Created July 18, 2022 15:11 — forked from avinassh/
Batman animated and JL viewing order.

Batman animated and JL viewing order.

Canon 1:

  1. Batman: mask of Phantasm *
  2. Batman and Mr. Freeze: SubZero
  3. Batman: Mystery of Batwoman

Canon 2: If you plan to watch Justice league too then refer JL canon #2

  1. Son of Batman
  2. Batman vs Robin
SRE/DevOps Challenge
This challenge will test the following skills:
Kubernetes orchestration
CI systems
Allow at least 3 hours to complete each part.
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Last active June 20, 2020 17:34
questions to ask for in the interviews
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Last active June 28, 2020 12:45
  1. 20 June 2020 James mickens Keynote - What is our responsibility towards Society
    • Be skeptic
    • think before deploying
  2. 21 June 2020 Idea Generation Sam Altman
    • Environment makes a difference
    • Stay away from people who are world-weary and belittle your ambitions
    • A good question to ask yourself early in the process of thinking about an idea is “could this be huge if it worked?”
    • It’s also important to think about what you’re well-suited for
  3. 21 June 2020 The new economics of chess
  • How magnus carlsen bringing economics into chess, by being a shareholder in the as well as playing top rated tournaments

Hash: A message digest which is generated from a text and can't reproduce from a different text

Hashing: Producing message digest when given a text

  • one input - one output
  • can't reproduce input from output
  • modidfing input means change in hash

Hashing funtion(Hash Algorithm): A function that can be used to map out data of random size to data of fixed size. Some hashing algorithms are MD4, SHA(Secure Hash Algorithm, SHA-1(160 Bits), SHA-2(256 Bits))

export const checkStatus = response => {
if (
response.status >= 200 &&
response.status < 300
) {
return response;
return response.json().then(json => {
return Promise.reject({
status: response.status,
rusrushal13 / app.js
Created October 23, 2019 08:09
react google analytics
#hook for initializing react google analytics
useEffect(() => {
if (
window.performance &&
performance.navigation.type === performance.navigation.TYPE_NAVIGATE
) {
history.listen(location => {

Solution to Curl Excersises

  • Request


<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
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Created June 29, 2018 05:32 — forked from yclim95/

##Map Reduce

  1. Map/Reduce Library partitions the input data into M pieces of typically 16-64 MB.


  2. If there are M partitions of the input, there are M map workers running simultaneously.

False. There are generally less worker nodes than partitions.