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Working from home

Rushal Verma rusrushal13

Working from home
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p4bl0- /
Last active Nov 30, 2022
A complete compiler for a simple language (in less than 150 LoC)

This project is a tiny compiler for a very simple language consisting of boolean expression.

The language has two constants: 1 for true and 0 for false, and 4 logic gates: ! (not), & (and), | (or), and ^ (xor).

It can also use parentheses to manage priorities.

Here is its grammar in BNF format:

expr ::= "0" | "1"

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Minimum credential set for Serverless Framework
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sinclairtarget / 1-cat-pdp7.s
Last active Aug 8, 2022
cat through the ages
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" cat
lac 017777 i " Load accumulator (AC) with argument count
sad d4 " Skip next if we have more than 4 words of args
jmp nofiles " Otherwise, jump to nofiles
lac 017777 " Load AC with address of args
tad d1 " Increment AC by 1, past argument count
tad d4 " Increment AC by 4, now AC points to first real arg
dac name " Save arg pointer from AC into 'name'
I have three file in my directory named 'flask' :
➜ flask
── Dockerfile
── requirement.txt
$ cat
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// check version
node -v || node --version
// list installed versions of node (via nvm)
nvm ls
// install specific version of node
nvm install 6.9.2
// set default version of node

FWIW: I (@Rondy) am not the author of the content presented here, which is an outline from Edmond Lau's book. I've just copy-pasted it from somewhere and saved as a personal gist, before it got popular on I don't remember where exactly the original source is from and neither could find the author's name, so I cannot give him/her the proper credits.

Effective Engineer - Notes

avinassh /
Last active Sep 9, 2022
list of sites to search for developer jobs
dideler /
Last active Nov 23, 2022
Startup Engineering notes
naiquevin /
Last active Sep 16, 2020
Python script to thank people who sent birthday wishes on facebook
import sys
from urllib import urlencode
import requests
from urlparse import urlparse, parse_qs
from random import choice
import re
self_id = None # your facebook id here
utc_bday = None # utc timestamp of your birthday