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Rik Van Bruggen rvanbruggen

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rvanbruggen / opentrialsqueries.cql
Last active Sep 18, 2020
Queries to run against the OpenTrials database, once imported into Neo4j
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//Look at schema
call db.schema.visualization
//what is connected and how
match (n)-[r]->(m)
return distinct labels(n), type(r), labels(m)
//how many nodes of each label
match (n)
return labels(n), count(n)
View 0-detijd-bestuurders-intro.adoc

Bestuurders Beursgenoteerde bedrijven in Neo4j - Intro

Origineel onderzoek - vorige edities

Uit 2018

Conversie naar Google Sheet

Om makkelijk online beschikbaar te zijn: import in Google sheets. Automatisch conversie terug naar .csv daardoor. Volledige google sheet staat hier.

Twee sheets:

View 1-contacttracing and recommender systems.adoc

How to convert a contact tracing graph into a recommendation graph

Creating the contact tracing graph with faker

Using the Neo4j plugin that allows for creating fake data with the "faker library": plugin over here

Persons using faker

foreach (i in range(1,5000) |
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//find at
//release at
//unzip: place the contents of the "dist" directory in the "plugins" directory of your neo4j server
// add property:*,gds.*,fkr.* to neo4j.conf in the conf directory
rvanbruggen / 1-contacttracing-import.cql
Last active Oct 23, 2020
Contact tracing example #cypher #neo4j
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//environment: Neo4j Desktop 1.2.7, Neo4j Enteprise 3.5.17, apoc, gds 1.1.0
//or: Neo4j Enterprise 4.0.3, apoc (NOT later! a bug in apoc.coll.max/apoc.coll.min needs to be resolved)
//contact tracing data import
//full spreadsheet with synthetic data
// person sheet˝
rvanbruggen / 1-scm-background.txt
Last active Jun 17, 2021
Supply Chain Management Example in Neo4j
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// Found article on
//Article by Sean P. Willems:
Table 2 Classifications Used to Label Every Stage in the Chains
Classifications label Activity
Dist_ A stage that distributes an item
Manuf_ A stage that manufactures or assembles an item
Part_ A stage that procures an item
View conflicting privileges in a fraudgraph.cql
// Fraud database available FROM
//work with a separate user and a role to experiment with conflicting roles
CREATE ROLE conflicted_role AS COPY OF reader;
GRANT ROLE conflicted_role TO conflicted_user;
//create conflicting privileges
View securing a fraudgraph.cql
// Fraud database available FROM
//what is related and how
match (n1)-[r]->(n2)
return distinct labels(n1) as `1st Label`, type(r) as `RelType`, labels(n2) as `2nd Label`
order by `1st Label`;
"1st Label""RelType""2nd Label"
rvanbruggen / securing the beergraph.cql
Created Jan 29, 2020
Securing the beergraph with Neo4j 4.0
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//create database
create database beergraph;
create index on :BeerBrand(name);
create index on :BeerType(name);
create index on :Brewery(name);
create index on :AlcoholPercentage(value);
//Automated import in one query
load csv with headers from
rvanbruggen / 1-HRC email corpus import.cql
Last active Nov 29, 2020
HRC email corpus as a graph - with NLP
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//setting up the indexes
create constraint on (p:Person)
assert p.alias is unique;
create constraint on (e:Email)
assert is unique;
create index on :Email(subject);
// Creating the graph