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@rwat rwat/cache-interact.clj
Last active Jun 28, 2017

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generalizes and makes transparent the use of clojure.core.cache
(ns foo
(:require [clojure.core.cache :as cache]))
(defn cache-interact
[the-agent the-function & the-items]
"Generalizes the interaction of performing c.c.cache operations by
transparently retrieving something from a cache or running the supplied
function outside of the agent's thread to generate a value"
(let [delay-func (delay (apply the-function the-items))
the-promise (promise)
agent-fn (fn [cache- d p & xs]
(let [x (first xs)]
(if (cache/has? cache- x)
(deliver p (get cache- x))
(cache/hit cache- x))
(deliver p d)
(cache/miss cache- x d)))))]
(apply send the-agent agent-fn delay-func the-promise the-items)
(let [c (agent (cache/lirs-cache-factory {} :threshold 100))
f (fn [x] (do (Thread/sleep 1000) {x (identity x)}))]
(cache-interact c f :x)
(cache-interact c f :y)
(cache-interact c f :x))
=> {:x :x}

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jeroenvandijk commented Nov 25, 2016

Thanks for the inspiration! After thinking about it a bit I wonder what you think of the following version:

(defn with-cache [cache-atom f & args]
  (let [cache-key [f args]
        delayed (delay (apply f args))
        cache-after (swap! cache-atom (fn cache-updater [cache-before]
                                        (if (cache/has? cache-before cache-key)
                                            (cache/hit cache-before cache-key)
                                            (cache/miss cache-before cache-key delayed))))]
    @(cache/lookup cache-after cache-key)))

It doesn't need the promises and seems more simple.

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