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rwilcox /
Created September 18, 2012 12:27 — forked from foliovision/
Working version of filter for BBEdit/TextWrangler. . Tested and mods made for BBEdit 10
#!/usr/bin/php -q
// set to true to avoid ' and " converting to HTML special characters
@define('skip_glyphs', false);
// 3+ uppercase span tag is commented out, as everyone hates it
// instruction on how to use it available here:
// define these before including this file to override the standard glyphs
rwilcox / gist:2288375
Created April 3, 2012 00:49 — forked from jshell/gist:2047480
Underline Titles (Markdown, reStructuredText) in BBEdit
-- Thanks to hristopher Stone
tell application "BBEdit"
set textDocument1 to a reference to text of text document 1
tell textDocument1
tell line (startLine of selection)
if startLine > 1 then
set lineContent to contents
if (length of lineContent = 1) and (lineContent is not " ") then
set prevLineContent to contents of textDocument1's line ((startLine) - 1)
tell application "BBEdit" to replace "." using lineContent searchingString prevLineContent options {search mode:grep}
rwilcox / gist:401103
Created May 14, 2010 12:45 — forked from anonymous/gist:156623
with Fab 0.9 and hg & TG2 instead of git & Django
* Originally from
* Patches for fabric 0.9/1.0 with code from <>
Changes from the original fabfile:
* Patches for Fabric 0.9/1.0
* Use Mercurial instead of Git
* Use named mercurial branches instead of head/tip