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Ryan Castellucci ryancdotorg

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epixoip / sshd_config.diff
Created Apr 10, 2021
ssh pubkey auth only with libpam
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--- /etc/ssh/sshd_config.orig 2021-04-10 05:50:44.673514864 +0000
+++ /etc/ssh/sshd_config 2021-04-10 05:59:56.316912290 +0000
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@
# Authentication:
#LoginGraceTime 2m
-#PermitRootLogin prohibit-password
+PermitRootLogin prohibit-password
#StrictModes yes
#MaxAuthTries 6
AjkayAlan /
Last active Dec 2, 2021
Windows SubSystem For Linux setup that I like with some developers stuff mixed in

Setting Up WSL

Install A Distro:

  1. Run the following in powershell as admin Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux

  2. Install a distro (ex: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS -

  3. Open your distro you installed via the start menu, let it setup

  4. Update and upgrade

sudo apt-get update
cemeyer / ⁄etc⁄logrotate.conf
Last active Mar 1, 2021
Sane logrotate.conf settings
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# create new (empty) log files after rotating old ones
# use date as a suffix of the rotated file
compresscmd /bin/zstd
compressext .zst
compressoptions -18 -T0 --rm
mimoo / erase_from_memory.h
Last active Jul 15, 2021
Include this file to get the `erase_from_memory` function that zeros memory. See
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#define __ERASE_FROM_MEMORY_H__ 1
#define __STDC_WANT_LIB_EXT1__ 1
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
void *erase_from_memory(void *pointer, size_t size_data, size_t size_to_remove) {
#ifdef __STDC_LIB_EXT1__
memset_s(pointer, size_data, 0, size_to_remove);
hammady / solr.service
Created Jan 9, 2017
systemd service file for Apache SOLR
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# put this file in /etc/systemd/system/ as root
# below paths assume solr installed in /opt/solr, SOLR_PID_DIR is /data
# and that all configuration exists in /etc/default/ which is the case if previously installed as an init.d service
# change port in pid file if differs
# note that it is configured to auto restart solr if it fails (Restart=on-faliure) and that's the motivation indeed :)
# to switch from systemv (init.d) to systemd, do the following after creating this file:
# sudo systemctl daemon-reload
# sudo service solr stop # if already running
# sudo systemctl enable solr
# systemctl start solr
jmshal / atob.js
Last active Jul 9, 2021
Node.js ponyfill for atob and btoa encoding functions
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module.exports = function atob(a) {
return new Buffer(a, 'base64').toString('binary');
jayeye /
Created Oct 3, 2016
Setting up ISC dhclient on debian / ubuntu for prefix delegation

My ISP (Time Warner Cable) hands out IPv6 addresses with DHCPv6; it will delegate a /56 if asked. So long as I keep refreshing the lease, it won't renumber me. I have my cable modem set to bridge, and do all the firewalling, NATing, etc., on a Debian box. In what follows, eth0 is the internal interface.

The dhclient that ships with debian/ubuntu does not support asking for a prefix delegation, so I had to build one from sources.

bendc / supportsES6.js
Created Aug 25, 2016
Test if ES6 is ~fully supported
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var supportsES6 = function() {
try {
new Function("(a = 0) => a");
return true;
catch (err) {
return false;
darconeous /
Last active Sep 19, 2021
Enabling SSH on Engenius EAP600

Enabling SSH on Engenius EAP600 (and maybe other models)

This tutorial will walk you through the steps needed to get root SSH access on an Engenius EAP600 dual-band WiFi access point. SSH doesn't come enabled out of the box on these things, so if you want to SSH into the device (which is running an old version of OpenWRT), keep reading.