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"color_scheme": "Packages/Color Scheme - Default/Cobalt.tmTheme",
"font_size": 17.0,
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require 'github_api'
github =
dir = github.repos.contents.get :user => 's2t2', :repo => 'text', :path => '/'
files ={|f|
github.repos.contents.get :user => 's2t2', :repo => 'text', :path => f.path.to_s
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-- HOSTED FEEDS (row per feed)
SELECT AS feed_id
-- , AS feed_name
,f.source_url AS feed_source_url
, AS host_id
, AS host_name
,v.last_modified_at AS feed_last_modified_at
-- ,v.etag AS feed_last_modification_etag
,v.last_checked_at AS feed_last_checked_at


Test Kitchen provides command line tools for interacting with one or more vagrant virtual machines, and can generate multiple vagrant configurations based on information provided in a .kitchen.ymlfile.

Vagrant configures a development environment based on information proved in the Vagrantfile.

Virtual Box is the default virtual machine provider used with the "vagrant" driver (see .kitchen.yml).

BATS is a simple BASH-based unit testing framework for testing the actions that have actually been performed on a virtual machine.

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AAM,ASIAN ART MUSEUM,"Trujillo, Adrian",ASIAN ART MUSEUM,Increase museum membership,AAM.EEI.01.1.1,Number of museum members,"Total number of AAM members: includes general membership up to levels of $3,000 and above, as of the last day of the period. ","Collection Method: Records are developed and maintained in our database: Raiser's Edge. This database houses individual membership records including a member's history, gift date history, gift date, membe
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