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var fs = require("fs")
var ssl_options = {
key: fs.readFileSync('privatekey.pem'),
cert: fs.readFileSync('certificate.pem')
var port = process.env.PORT || 3000;
var express = require('express');
var ejs = require('ejs');
var passport = require('passport')
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Option Explicit
Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim Age
Dim RetirementAge
Dim SavingsBalance
Dim AnnualContribution
Dim AnnualInterestRate

Privacy Policy

We will never sell, rent, or share any of your personal data with anyone.

The Dark Sky API does not collect or store any personally-identifiable information.

If you sign up for a Dark Sky API account, the Dark Sky API Developer Site collects and stores your identifying information for communication and billing purposes. Contact information is stored securely upon our own servers. Billing information is sent directly from your web browser to our payment processor (Stripe) and is never seen by our servers. The Dark Sky API Developer Site also uses Google Analytics ( to collect usage statistics. This data is anonymous, and does not transmit any personally identifying information to either Google or ourselves.

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Privacy Policy Thank you for using our services. This privacy policy went into effect on May 18, 2016.

Weather Underground, a service of The Weather Company, an IBM Business, (sometimes, “we” or “us”) is committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy is important and we encourage you to carefully read it.

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How We Collect and Use Per

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require "pry"
class Calculation
attr_accessor :equation
alias :eq :equation
# @param [String] equation An input string containing a math equation.
# The only supported operations are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
# The equation is assumed to be valid, with spaces between operators, and all operands being numbers.

Programming Exercises

IMPORTANT NOTE: My approach for this exercise included a narrow scope of simply solving the problems. My approach did not focus on refactoring all code into classes and functions, although I did create some functions for the last problem (name scores). Also, my approach did not focus on performance optimization, although I did end up making some choices with performance in mind (see comments).

Problem #19: Sundays

How many Sundays fell on the first of the month during the twentieth century (1 Jan 1901 to 31 Dec 2000)?


View favs_controller
class FavsController < ApplicationController
before_action :set_fav, only: [:show, :edit, :update, :destroy]
# GET /favs
# GET /favs.json
def index
@favs = Fav.all
# GET /favs/1
View rails http status codes
HTTP status code symbols for Rails
Thanks to Cody Fauser for this list of HTTP responce codes and their Ruby on Rails symbol mappings.
Status Code Symbol
1xx Informational
100 :continue
101 :switching_protocols
102 :processing
View parse_pdfs.rb
require "pry"
require "mechanize"
require "pdf-reader"
URL = ""
agent =
agent.pluggable_parser.pdf = Mechanize::File # ... not sure whether to use Mechanize::Download or Mechanize::File
page = agent.get(URL)