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Created May 21, 2015 16:25
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git flow release

releasing with git flow

git checkout develop
git pull

start the release branch off develop (assuming we have a current version of '1.0.0-SNAPSHOT');

git flow release start 1.0.0

in the code, update your version to '1.0.0', and commit your changes:

git commit -am 'bumping version'

do any other changes you need to and finish the release:

git flow release finish 1.0.0

this will merge the release (and so develop) branch into master and the bump change into develop.

it will also tag the release as 1.0.0.

NOTHING has been pushed to remote yet, so remember to do the following:

git checkout master && git push
git checkout develop && git push
git push --tags

TODO: have two jenkins jobs:

  1. one which builds from master and pushes to artifactories release path
  2. another which builds from develop and pushes to artifactories snapshot path
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