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function use_crawlera(splash)
local password = ''
local host = ''
local port = 8011
local session_header = 'X-Crawlera-Session'
local session_id = 'create'
splash:on_request(function (request)
request:set_proxy(host, port, 'PUT_CRAWLERA_AUTH_HERE', password)
request:set_header('X-Crawlera-Profile', 'desktop')

Cars Web Dev Test

Cars API

Please create a new git repo and follow the instructions below.

Once you have finished, please email us the URL to your repo.

Please make commits as you go (> 1 and < 100) and provide instructions to run the application.

sadams /
Created May 21, 2015 16:25
git flow release

releasing with git flow

git checkout develop
git pull

start the release branch off develop (assuming we have a current version of '1.0.0-SNAPSHOT');

git flow release start 1.0.0

in the code, update your version to '1.0.0', and commit your changes:

sadams /
Created May 21, 2015 09:56
understanding first/third party cookie behaviour

understanding first/third party cookie behaviour

scenario 1

  1. set cookie from with no domain
  2. is it readable by
  3. is it readable by
  4. is it overwritable by

scenario 2

sadams /
Last active August 29, 2015 14:20
notes on *nix sudoers file

notes on sudoers

to view/edit:



sadams / strange.php
Last active December 29, 2015 17:29
A very edge case in PHP 5.4 regarding passing objects by reference and using reflection.
* A very edge case in PHP 5.4 regarding passing objects by reference.
* It seems to be a compound effect of using reflection to set an inherited method as 'available',
* AND that method taking an explicitly referential argument (&argument sig)
* AND then invoking it with func_get_args() as opposed to constructing the array of args manually.
* No idea why these things all cause this behaviour or if they should.
* Important to note that this effect isn't present in PHP 5.5.
sadams / gist:4066708
Created November 13, 2012 16:17
OSX Mountain Lion TagMan MAMP (not "MAMP" the bundle) Notes

OSX Mountain Lion LAMP pear etc Install

If you are really lazy

Install your existing keychains on new mac (there are some files you can just copy, but i can't remember which so maybe give this a go):


  • turn on Remote Login from Sharing in System Preferences
  • Run ssh localhost, the ctrl+c to cancel (cheap way to create the .ssh directory in home dir)
  • Copy private key into .ssh dir and call it id_rsa (make sure perms are 600 or similar)