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Last active December 29, 2015 17:29
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A very edge case in PHP 5.4 regarding passing objects by reference and using reflection.
* A very edge case in PHP 5.4 regarding passing objects by reference.
* It seems to be a compound effect of using reflection to set an inherited method as 'available',
* AND that method taking an explicitly referential argument (&argument sig)
* AND then invoking it with func_get_args() as opposed to constructing the array of args manually.
* No idea why these things all cause this behaviour or if they should.
* Important to note that this effect isn't present in PHP 5.5.
class A {
private function foo(&$arg1) {
var_dump('arg1: ', $arg1);
class B extends A {
public function bar() {
$x = new stdClass();
$x->baz = 'just a value';
private function callPrivate($x)
$method = new \ReflectionMethod(
//* for some reason, the private function needs to have been changed to be 'accessible' for this to work in 5.4
//working 5.4 (* see above) but not in 5.5
$arguments = func_get_args();
//not working in either
$arguments = array($x); // <---- COMMENT THIS LINE TO SEE IT WORK IN PHP 5.4
return $method->invokeArgs($this, $arguments);
$y = new B();
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