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safferli / werewolf20.adoc
Last active Jan 28, 2019
Werewolf nWoD 2.0 rules adjustment
View werewolf20.adoc

Cool stuff in the new 2.0 rules

  • The pack is far more in focus, with Wolfblooded and other "pack members" (allies, contacts, etc) having a more important role.

  • Each of the five shapeshift forms now has a unique role to play, and unique advantages. Social skills are no longer penalised.

  • Primal Urge is more meaningful and ties in better with the Spirit/Werewolf side.

  • Gifts are very cool and it’s easier to pick the ones you like. They are tied to your Renown now as well, giving each character more flavour.


safferli / wonderly.R
Last active Sep 25, 2017
Clean messed up wide/long format
View wonderly.R
# generate dataset
dta <- tibble::data_frame(
Land = c(rep("Bahamas", 4), "Bahrein"),
Year = c(rep(c(1999, 2000), 2), 1999),
indicator1 = c(5, 6, NA, NA, NA),
indicator2 = c(5, 8, NA, NA, NA),
safferli / IPconvert.R
Last active May 10, 2016
Convert IP strings to integers and reverse using cpp/boost, and Rcpp
View IPconvert.R
# test convert an IPv4 string to integer
#[1] 167772160
rinet_pton(c("", ""))
# [1] 167772160 -1062731775
View apply()-woes.r
# Define your workspace: "X:/xxx/"
wd <- "D:/gitlab/analytics/"
f.drop.players <- function(server.size = 1000, playtime = 90, dispersion = 0.7) {
safferli / metacritic-api.r
Last active Nov 12, 2017
Query the (unofficial) Mashape metacritic game API in R
View metacritic-api.r
## Usage:
## 1) sign up to the Mashape API to get metacritic data:
## 2) save your Mashape API key in your .Renviron as Mashape.key
## 3) generate a character vector of games you want to query
## 4a) call to generate a dataframe of the results
## 4b) alternatively, call if you want to only call the API for one game (returns the API result, not a dataframe)
safferli / curl_proxy_test
Created Jul 30, 2015
curl::ie_proxy_info() test
View curl_proxy_test
> library("curl")
> curl::ie_proxy_info()
[1] TRUE
safferli / SQL rank index
Created Jul 16, 2015
Efficiently rank in SQL. Rank 1 indexes all values, Rank 2 indexes over users, Rank 3 indexes over heroes (inside user)
View SQL rank index
SELECT df.*, @curRank := @curRank + 1 AS rank,
@prev := @curr,
@curr := user_id,
@rank2 := IF(@prev = @curr, @rank2, @rank2+1) AS rank2,
@rank3 := IF(@prev = @curr, @rank3+1, 1) AS rank3
SELECT user_id, itemType,
extractvalue(data, '//heroId') as hero_id, time
FROM fct_generate_hero
ORDER BY user_id, time
safferli / negative join
Created Jul 16, 2015
remove all instances in first table that exist in second table
View negative join
a <- data.table(x = c("A", "B", "C", "D"),
y = c(1, 2, 3, 4),
z = c("good", "bad", "bad", "good")) %>%
setkey(x, y)
b <- data.table(x = c("B", "C"),
y = c(2, 3)) %>%
setkey(x, y)
safferli / lseq.r
Last active Dec 2, 2015
Create a logarithmic sequence to properly set logticks in ggplot()
View lseq.r
lseq <- function(from=1, to=100000, length.out=6) {
# logarithmic spaced sequence
# blatantly stolen from library("emdbook"), because need only this
exp(seq(log(from), log(to), length.out = length.out))
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