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Created September 30, 2011 23:16
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require './'
include Glyros
# Simple example on how to use glyr_info_get
# and the require macros appear here too.
def req_to_string reqs, required, optional
return "required" if (reqs & required) != 0
return "optional" if (reqs & optional) != 0
return "not needed"
# Get a GlyrFetcherInfo struct
info = glyr_info_get
# Keep a reference to the start of the list
iter = info
# Iterare over all fetchers, works the same way like with memcaches from glyr_get
# The requirements (what fields need to be filled (optionally)) of each fetcher is
# stored in Class.reqs - it's a bitmask.
until iter.nil?
reqs = iter.reqs
# Name of the fetcher (type id is not important, just showing all fields)
puts "[#{}] {TypeID: #{iter.type}}"
# check if required, optional or not required
puts "- Artist is #{req_to_string(reqs,GLYR_REQUIRES_ARTIST,GLYR_OPTIONAL_ARTIST )}"
puts "- Album is #{req_to_string(reqs,GLYR_REQUIRES_ALBUM, GLYR_OPTIONAL_ALBUM )}"
puts "- Title is #{req_to_string(reqs,GLYR_REQUIRES_TITLE, GLYR_OPTIONAL_TITLE )}"
puts "- Providers:"
# Now iterate over all providers
# and print them
source = iter.head
until source.nil?
# Print the provider's key and name
# The key is a one-letter shortcut for the name
# You can use it for glyr_opt_from()
# Speed and quality is a rating from 0-100 - it is used internally to
# select the providers to search in
puts " #[#{source.key}][Lang Aware: #{source.lang_aware ? "Y" : "N"}] (q:#{source.quality} s:#{source.speed}) #{} "
source =
puts "\n----------\n\n"
# Next fetcher please.
iter =
# This is C. Free it.
glyr_info_free info
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