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**In 2008, as the economy was in free fall, Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama worked together with their secretaries of the Treasury, the chair of the Federal Reserve, and the president of the New York Federal Reserve and created one of the largest financing schemes in the history of the United States to prevent total economic meltdown. Part of this was the Troubled Asset Relief Program, the $700 billion package that Congress passed in response to the financial crisis. But the overwhelmingly greater part of this plan used the Fed to lend out somewhere between $7 trillion and $29 trillion in near-zero-interest loans directly to banks to keep them afloat. While this worked to save our banking system and avoid the worst possible disaster, the plan neglected to invest in rebuilding the real economy. As a result, Americans saw a grueling, decade-long recovery—if they saw any recovery at all.
In 2021, the Biden administration will face an even deeper and potentially longer recession, triggered by Covid-19
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{% set ev = event.details(1, "1/25/2017", "12/25/2017", 250, 0, 0,'miles','{title}') %}
You should come to our event, {{ev}}
When?? {{ event[0].start_date }}
{{ event[0].venue_name }}
{{ event[0].venue_addr1 }}
{{ event[0].venue_addr2 }}
{{ event[0].venue_city }}, {{ event[0].venue_state }} {{ event[0].venue_zip }}
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import { createFragmentFromPropTypes } 'react-apollo'
import React from 'react'
function Child(props) {
return (
Name: {} <br />
Email: {} <br />
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> explain analyze
select "bsd_people"."cons_id" from "bsd_person_gc_bsd_groups" as "bsd_people"
inner join "bsd_addresses" on "bsd_people"."cons_id" = "bsd_addresses"."cons_id"
inner join "zip_codes" on "zip_codes"."zip" = "bsd_addresses"."zip"
"zip_codes"."timezone_offset" = -7
and "bsd_addresses"."is_primary" = 'true'
limit '1';
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ground_control=> \d bsd_person_gc_bsd_groups
Table "ground_control.bsd_person_gc_bsd_groups"
Column | Type | Modifiers
cons_id | bigint | not null
gc_bsd_group_id | integer | not null
modified_dt | timestamp with time zone | not null
create_dt | timestamp with time zone | not null
"bsd_person_gc_bsd_groups_pkey" PRIMARY KEY, btree (cons_id, gc_bsd_group_id)
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> explain analyze
select "bsd_people"."cons_id" from "bsd_person_gc_bsd_groups" as "bsd_people"
inner join "bsd_addresses" on "bsd_people"."cons_id" = "bsd_addresses"."cons_id"
inner join "zip_codes" on "zip_codes"."zip" = "bsd_addresses"."zip"
"zip_codes"."timezone_offset" = -4
and "bsd_addresses"."is_primary" = 'true'
limit '1';
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knex.bulkInsert = async function(table, values, {transaction}={}) {
if (values.length < 1)
let valueKeys = Object.keys(values[0])
let columns = `("${valueKeys.join('","')}")`;
let valueString = => {
let quotedValues = => {
let val = valueObj[key]
if (typeof val === 'object')
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class AdminDashboard extends React.Component {
render() {
return <GroupCallViewer callId="R3JvdXBDYWxsOjFjOGUzOWVlLTAyOWYtNDIyMS05OTA3LTkxYWRmYmNkMjZiYw==" viewer={this.props.viewer}/>
export default Relay.createContainer(AdminDashboard, {
fragments: {
viewer: (variables) => Relay.QL`
fragment on Viewer {
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// GroupCallViewer.js
export class GroupCallViewer extends React.Component {
render() {
return <GroupCall groupCall={this.props.viewer.groupCall} />
export default Relay.createContainer(GroupCallViewer, {
initialVariables: {
callId: "testId"
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"name": "ground-control",
"private": true,
"description": "A tool to organize the political revolution",
"repository": "Bernie-2016/ground-control",
"version": "0.1.0",
"scripts": {
"start": "cd ./src/backend && babel-node ./server.js",
"update-schema": "babel-node ./src/backend/data/updateSchema.js"