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Adrian Sampson sampsyo

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sampsyo / index.js
Created Mar 5, 2018
a Metalsmith config
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var Metalsmith = require('metalsmith');
var markdown = require('metalsmith-markdown');
var layouts = require('metalsmith-layouts');
var sass = require('metalsmith-sass');
var metadata = require('metalsmith-metadata');
var inplace = require('metalsmith-in-place');
var ignore = require('metalsmith-ignore');
var metadataPat = require('./metalsmith-metadata-pattern');
var marked = require('marked');
sampsyo / fixedpoint.js
Created Feb 16, 2017
a fixed-point combinator in JavaScript
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// Z = \t. (\f. t (\z. f f z)) (\f. t (\z. f f z))
function Z(t) {
return ( (f) => t((z) => (f(f))(z)) ) ( (f) => t((z) => (f(f))(z)) );
function fact_template(f) {
return function(n) {
if (n <= 1) {
return 1;
} else {
sampsyo / bars-with-average.json
Created Feb 15, 2017
Dominik's example with a reference line at the average
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"description": "A simple bar chart with embedded data.",
"data": {
"values": [
{"a": "A","b": 28},
{"a": "B","b": 55},
{"a": "C","b": 43},
{"a": "D","b": 91},
{"a": "E","b": 81},
{"a": "F","b": 53},
sampsyo /
Last active Oct 27, 2016
GADTs for features
(* General features. This starts out as an "empty" type, which we'll then
extend. We also define feature values and feature vectors. *)
type 'a feat = ..
type 'a value = 'a feat * float
type 'a fvec = 'a value list
(* Domain adaptation. *)
import sys
import os
PY2 = sys.version_info[0] == 2
def py3_path(path):
"""Convert a bytestring path to Unicode on Python 3 only. On Python
2, return the bytestring path unchanged.
"""This is a Python transcription of the famous Quake III "fast inverse
square root" function. Run the script to see a quick comparison with an
"exact" square root.
import struct
import math
# From:
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"union": [
"object": {
"tag": {
"literal": "schedule"
"attendees": {
"array": {

The GPU languages are all corrupted C variants where all safety is sacrificed in the name of low-level control. And the awkward dance for CPU–GPU communication is "stringly typed."

Verilog/VHDL are leaky abstractions with creaky tools; they're just very old languages with zero of the modern conveniences. Bluespec seems rad and I don't know why it's not more popular! Same with Chisel:

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diff --git a/beetsplug/ b/beetsplug/
index 88c72cd..f570504 100644
--- a/beetsplug/
+++ b/beetsplug/
@@ -648,14 +648,15 @@ class FetchArtPlugin(plugins.BeetsPlugin, RequestMixin):
'coverart', 'itunes', 'amazon', 'albumart'],
'google_key': None,
'google_engine': u'001442825323518660753:hrh5ch1gjzm',
- 'fanarttv_key': None
+ 'fanarttv_key': None,
sampsyo /
Last active Oct 31, 2018
the Clopper-Pearson method for getting a confidence interval for an estimated a Bernoulli parameter
import scipy.stats
import math
import random
def clopper_pearson(x, n, alpha=0.05):
"""Estimate the confidence interval for a sampled Bernoulli random
`x` is the number of successes and `n` is the number trials (x <=