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Download free Railscast video
require 'rss'
# Usage
# $ ./railscasts.rb\/
# episodes.rss
# OR
# $ ./railscasts.rb
p 'Downloading rss index'
rss_url = ARGV.first ? ARGV.first : ''
rss_string = open(rss_url).read
rss = RSS::Parser.parse(rss_string, false)
videos_urls = { |it| it.enclosure.url }.reverse
videos_filenames = { |url| url.split('/').last }
existing_filenames = Dir.glob('*.mov')
missing_filenames = videos_filenames - existing_filenames
p "Downloading #{missing_filenames.size} missing videos"
missing_videos_urls = { |video_url|
missing_filenames.any? { |filename| video_url.match filename }
missing_videos_urls.each do |video_url|
filename = video_url.split('/').last
next if File.exists? filename
p filename
p %x(wget #{video_url} -O #{filename}.tmp )
p %x(mv #{filename}.tmp #{filename} )
p 'Finished synchronization'
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samqiu commented Dec 13, 2011

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It's so good!

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ghost commented Feb 11, 2012

nice .

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asachs commented May 9, 2012

Thanks this helps :)

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vibhoo commented Oct 18, 2012

Thanks man its really a great help to us. . . .!! keep the good work like this :)

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gberger commented Mar 31, 2013

I modified this to make it work on Windows:

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Great stuff! :P
Thanks a bunch!

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Can you even download the pro episodes? Wonder what @ryanb thinks of this

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samqiu commented Jun 7, 2013

@thoughtpunch No, is only download free episdoes.

But, now you can use your own PRO subscription RSS URL for downloading.

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Thanx a lot For this!!!

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sgsheg commented Jun 28, 2014

Thanks a lot!

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thanks a lot @samqiu , for those who wants to download the PRO EPISODES you can find them all from this torrent .. enjoy 😃

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thanks a lot

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thank you very much it's will be very helpful for us..

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Awesome :)

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thanks alot

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thanks a zillion

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this is good! Thanks a million

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