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Last active September 26, 2023 01:03
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export const getThumbnail = (id, size = 300) =>
export const getIcon = (mimeType) =>
export const getFile = (id) => `${id}`;
const downloadFile = (id) =>
export const webViewerURL = (url) =>
export const webViewerID = (id) => `${id}/view`;
export const webPreviewerID = (id) => `${id}/preview`;
export const copyDocs = (
copyComments = true,
includeResolvedCommentsOnCopy = true,
copyCollaborators = false,
) =>
`${id}/copy?${new URLSearchParams({
// formats: pdf, doc, txt, html, odt, epub
const downloadDocs = (id, format) =>
// formats: pdf, pptx
const downloadSlides = (id, format) =>
const downloadSlidesPage = (id, page) =>
// formats: pdf, xlsx, csv
const downloadSheets = (id, format) =>
// formats: pdf, svg, jpg
const downloadDrawings = (id, format) =>
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LazZiya commented Sep 5, 2023

Any idea how to setup the viewer to switch between files while in full screen mode? same like Gmail attachments.

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