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sandipndev /
Last active November 22, 2021 07:33
Brings up Galoy's Infrastructure
set -e
# Check requirements
if [[ $(which gh) == "" ]] || [[ $(which gcloud) == "" ]] || [[ $(which terraform) == "" ]] || [[ $(which jq) == "" ]]; then
echo "You will need to install gh, gcloud, jq and terraform to proceed."
exit 1
sandipndev /
Last active October 19, 2021 12:46
Here's your safety pin. All your repositories via an Access Token!
# Organization Name
echo -n "Enter Organization Slug: "
read ORG
# Access Token
echo -n "Enter GitHub Access Token: "
sandipndev /
Created September 25, 2021 11:29
Keybase PGP Key Proof of GitHub Identity

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am sandipndev on github.
  • I am sandipndev ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is E79C 7442 90A4 FD03 F4A4 4AEC DE35 61F8 1B89 A469

To claim this, I am signing this object:

sandipndev /
Created September 22, 2020 07:00 — forked from bradtraversy/
Node app deploy with nginx & SSL

Node.js Deployment

Steps to deploy a Node.js app to DigitalOcean using PM2, NGINX as a reverse proxy and an SSL from LetsEncrypt

1. Sign up for Digital Ocean

If you use the referal link below, you get $10 free (1 or 2 months)

2. Create a droplet and log in via ssh

I will be using the root user, but would suggest creating a new user

sandipndev / main.ts
Created August 28, 2020 05:45
Hally Cloud Functions
import * as functions from "firebase-functions";
import * as admin from "firebase-admin";
import * as express from "express";
const app = express();
const topic = "hally";
sandipndev /
Created December 18, 2019 12:45
[WIN-10 only!] Makaut Website Changed Notifier
from time import sleep
from urllib.request import urlopen
from win10toast import ToastNotifier
url = ""
toaster = ToastNotifier()
with urlopen(url) as handle:
prev_html =
sandipndev /
Last active June 27, 2019 11:16
To communicate with Arduino based on what we talk.
from time import sleep
import serial
import speech_recognition as sr
# Resetting the board
with serial.Serial('COM3', 9600) as ser:
# Replace COM3 with the port at which your board is at (check Arduino IDE's Tools > Port to get the port)
print("Communication with board established")
sandipndev / code.ino
Last active June 27, 2019 11:06
Arduino Code to work with two channels of Relay
int lightPin = 6;
int fanPin = 7;
void setup() {
pinMode(fanPin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(lightPin, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(fanPin, HIGH);
digitalWrite(lightPin, HIGH);