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Armando C. Santisbon santisbon

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santisbon / Markdown
Last active May 26, 2018
Tips for working with markdown files.
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Last active Dec 13, 2017
Linux utilities on Windows.

Using Linux utilities on Windows

If you use a Windows computer at work you may feel that you're missing out on some really useful functionality that you're used to having on a UNIX system. Or perhaps you've always used Windows and have struggled with messy workarounds for something that would be easier with Linux commands.

If you're on an older version of Windows that doesn't have the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) or you don't want to install a Linux distribution on your machine, you can still use Linux utilities to quickly get things done. At the end we'll see some notes about doing the same thing on WSL.

This brief guide will help you with an example of a common task: finding out which files have been modified on your computer (or a remote server) within a specified time frame.

First you'll need to install Cygwin. This program will let you use tools similar to a Linux distribution on Windows. At some point during

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How to search gists
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santisbon / Good
Last active Jul 12, 2021
What makes good taste?
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On Good Taste

Linus Torvalds in an interview talked about the idea of good taste in code or what I like to call elegance. As one might expect from two slides meant to make a point during a talk, he omits a lot of details to keep it short and simple. This post digs into the specifics of his example (deleting an element from a list) and adds another example (inserting an element in a list) including working code.

Example from Linus

This is an example of removing an element from a singly-linked list. It's one of the first data structures you learn about when you start learning about computer science and programming. The reason it doesn't show particularly good taste is because we have that condition at the end where we take a different action depending on whether the element we want to remove is at the beginning of the list or somewhere in the middle.

![Bad taste](http://

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Last active Jun 22, 2021
Deploying from Git branches adds flexibility. Bring your feature branch up to date with master and deploy it to make sure everything works. If everything looks good the branch can be merged. Otherwise, you can deploy your master branch to return production to its stable state.

Updating a feature branch

First we'll update your local master branch. Go to your local project and check out the branch you want to merge into (your local master branch)

$ git checkout master

Fetch the remote, bringing the branches and their commits from the remote repository. You can use the -p, --prune option to delete any remote-tracking references that no longer exist in the remote. Commits to master will be stored in a local branch, remotes/origin/master


Basic merge conflict

Go to your local project and fetch the remote, bringing the branches and their commits from the remote repository. You can use the -p, --prune option to delete any remote-tracking references that no longer exist in the remote. Commits will be stored in a local branch, remote_name/branch_name

$ git fetch <remote_name>

Check out the branch you want to merge into e.g. master

$ git checkout <base_branch>

Sync a Fork

Add a reference to the original repo

List the remote for your fork

$ git remote -v

Add a new remote "upstream" that will be synced with the fork

santisbon / angular-fullstack generator cheat
Last active Oct 27, 2016
Commonly used commands when developing with the angular-fullstack Yeoman generator
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Cheat sheet

Update npm and install the necessary packages

$ sudo npm install -g npm
$ sudo npm install -g yo grunt-cli gulp-cli bower generator-angular-fullstack

Create a folder for your project and cd into it

santisbon / .gitconfig
Last active May 26, 2016
Nice ~/.gitconfig
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# Setting up for AWS CodeCommit (if applicable to your project)
helper = !aws codecommit credential-helper $@
UseHttpPath = true
name = your_name
email = your_email