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Created May 30, 2023 08:23
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// How do you avoid name clashes between functions, variables, components, and types?
// OK
const crocodiles = getCrocodiles({ color: 'green' })
// ???
const isCrocodile = isCrocodile(crocodiles[0])
// OK
const user: User = { name: 'Chuck Norris' }
// ???
function User(props: { user: User }) => <p>{}</p>
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I agree with Axel that it's the variables and components that should usually be renamed when a clash happens. For variables, one can sometimes integrate the function result into the business logic, e.g.:

const shouldNotTouch = isCrocodile(animal);

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kosminen commented Jun 1, 2023

(As I replied in a Mastodon thread, and as @rauschma asked me to reply to here, too) I would probably describe the results more in the names. Something like:

// Well, I assume we are fetching all the green crocodiles.
const greenCrocodiles = getCrocodiles({ color: 'green' })

// Yet again, it seems we are checking if the first item in the array is a crocodile.
const isFirstItemCrocodile = isCrocodile(crocodiles[0])

// Assuming that this is composing a user object to add to a database or whatever.
const userToAdd: User = { name: 'Chuck Norris' }

// Assuming this is a component to show user data. As a single paragraph I
// wouldn’t make it a component, but with that exact example I would probably name
// it something like UserParagraph :)
function UserProfile(props: { user: User }) => <p>{}</p>

But well, context matters. Hope these examples were communicated through.

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sapegin commented Jun 15, 2023

Thanks everyone for the great suggestions! @rauschma @darekkay @kosminen

I took many (combined with my own experience) for my book's chapter on naming:

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My suggestions:

// add "action" to function name, general pattern when storing variable from getter function: const xxx = getXxx()
const isCrocodile = getIsCrocodile(crocodiles[0]);

// name types / interfaces with "I":
const user: IUser = { name: 'Chuck Norris' }
function User(props: { user: IUser }) => <p>{}</p>

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