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Saqib Nadeem saqib-nadeem

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AllThingsSmitty / css-not.scss
Last active Nov 28, 2018
Use CSS :not() instead of applying and unapplying borders on navigations
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.nav-tab {
// instead of putting it on
border-right: 1px solid #424242;
&:last-child {
border-right: 0; // and then taking it off
// use CSS not() to only apply to the elements you want
&:not(:last-child) {
border-right: 1px solid #424242;
JeffPaine /
Last active Jan 3, 2019
General vim notes.

Vim Notes

  • set list Shows invisible characters.
  • set listchars What invisibile characters should be set to, see :h listchars for complete list.

Key Remapping

  • map creates a key map that works in normal, visual, select and operator pending modes
  • map! creates a key map that works in insert and command-line mode.
from sqlalchemy import engine
from sqlalchemy import event
class DbStats():
def __init__(self):
def clear(self):
self.total_queries = 0
self.total_time = 0



Based on D3.JS and Dimple, ChartFactory provide the ability to build quickly D3.JS charts without coding any lines of javascript. Just define your dashboard in a JSON and voila !

charts: [
         xAxis:{type:'Category',field: "Month",orderRule:'Date'},


Now located at

Why it was moved

Github gists don't support Pull Requests or any notifications, which made it impossible for me to maintain this (surprisingly popular) gist with fixes, respond to comments and so on. In the interest of maintaining the quality of this resource for others, I've moved it to a proper repo. Cheers!

ndarville /
Last active Jun 19, 2020
Business models based on the compiled list at I find the link very hard to browse, so I made a simple version in Markdown instead.

Business Models


Models Examples
Display ads Yahoo!
Search ads Google
JeffPaine /
Created Jul 19, 2012
Make an issue on github using API V3 and Python
import json
import requests
# Authentication for user filing issue (must have read/write access to
# repository to add issue to)
# The repository to add this issue to
JeffPaine /
Created Jul 10, 2012
A python list of all US state abbreviations.
states = ["AL", "AK", "AZ", "AR", "CA", "CO", "CT", "DC", "DE", "FL", "GA",
"HI", "ID", "IL", "IN", "IA", "KS", "KY", "LA", "ME", "MD",
"MA", "MI", "MN", "MS", "MO", "MT", "NE", "NV", "NH", "NJ",
"NM", "NY", "NC", "ND", "OH", "OK", "OR", "PA", "RI", "SC",
"SD", "TN", "TX", "UT", "VT", "VA", "WA", "WV", "WI", "WY"]
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