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sanchezzzhak / clickhouse-get-tables-size.sql
Created January 18, 2018 13:43
clickhouse get tables size
SELECT table,
formatReadableSize(sum(bytes)) as size,
min(min_date) as min_date,
max(max_date) as max_date
WHERE active
GROUP BY table
jbenet /
Last active April 9, 2024 03:31
a simple git branching model

a simple git branching model (written in 2013)

This is a very simple git workflow. It (and variants) is in use by many people. I settled on it after using it very effectively at Athena. GitHub does something similar; Zach Holman mentioned it in this talk.

Update: Woah, thanks for all the attention. Didn't expect this simple rant to get popular.

JakeWharton /
Created June 2, 2012 02:14
ImageView that respects an aspect ratio applied to a specific measurement.
// Copyright 2012 Square, Inc.
package com.squareup.widgets;
import android.content.Context;
import android.content.res.TypedArray;
import android.util.AttributeSet;
import android.widget.ImageView;
/** Maintains an aspect ratio based on either width or height. Disabled by default. */
public class AspectRatioImageView extends ImageView {
paulsmith / echo.go
Created January 12, 2011 06:09
A simple echo server testing a few interesting Go language features, goroutines and channels.
// $ 6g echo.go && 6l -o echo echo.6
// $ ./echo
// ~ in another terminal ~
// $ nc localhost 3540
package main
import (