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Programming media keys on the Ducky One 2 Skyline

Programming Media Keys on the Ducky One 2 Skyline

To use media keys on the Ducky One 2 Skyline, you must record a macro to bind the media function to a hotkey combination, i.e. Fn plus some key.


Important: In the instructions below, "Press X+Y+Z" means press and hold key X, press and hold key Y, press and hold key Z in that order, and then release all three.

As an example, to bind Fn+PgUp to the play/pause media function:

  • Press Fn+2 to activate profile #2. Profile #1 (factory default) is not programmable. Indicator lights will flash twice.
  • Press and hold Fn+Ctrl for 3 seconds to start recording a macro. Indicator lights will flash slowly.
  • Press Fn+PgUp to define the Fn+PgUp hotkey combo. Indicator lights will flash quickly.
  • Press Fn+Win+D to bind the key combo to the play/pause function. Indicator lights will continue to flash quickly.
  • Press Fn+Ctrl to complete recording. Indicator lights will stop flashing.
  • The media key is now bound. Press Fn+PgUp to play/pause.


To reset the current profile and clear all bindings, press and hold Win+Space for 3 seconds. The indicator lights will flash for a short while.

Media Key Legend

The following functions can be bound to hotkeys using the method above.

  • Fn+Win+A: Mute
  • Fn+Win+B: Volume Up
  • Fn+Win+C: Volume Down
  • Fn+Win+D: Play/Pause
  • Fn+Win+E: Stop
  • Fn+Win+F: Next Track
  • Fn+Win+G: Previous Track
  • Fn+Win+H: Calculator
  • Fn+Win+I: My Computer
  • Fn+Win+J: Browser
  • Fn+Win+K: Mail
  • Fn+Win+L: Multimedia
  • Fn+Win+M: Search
  • Fn+Win+N: Navigate Backwards
  • Fn+Win+O: Navigate Forwards
  • Fn+Win+P: Mouse Left Click
  • Fn+Win+Q: Mouse Right Click
  • Fn+Win+R: Mouse Middle Click
  • Fn+Win+S: Mouse Cursor Up
  • Fn+Win+T: Mouse Cursor Down
  • Fn+Win+U: Mouse Cursor Left
  • Fn+Win+V: Mouse Cursor Right
  • Fn+Win+W: Mouse Scroll Up
  • Fn+Win+X: Mouse Scroll Down
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eric-burel commented Jun 28, 2022

The manual seems to state that F1-F12 cannot be used for the shortcut, any way to bypass that? Not having volume up on Fn+F12 is terribly annoying, on a TKL I don't have much other keys to map shortcuts to

I mean seriously, I cannot use any shortcut that makes sense, apart maybe Pg up and down...


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tleb commented Jul 4, 2022

@eric-burel I'd recommend those keybindings. I'm also on a TKL keyboard, and the Fn + the 6-key pad on the right makes it easy to control media using your right hand. One row for volume and one for media control. Haven't tried using F-keys, they feel too inaccessible for me to use.

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ty for this

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Thank you!

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I know this is from a hot minute ago, but thanks for the guide!

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