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Make React PropType warnings throw errors with mocha.js, enzyme.js and sinon.js

Make React PropType warnings throw errors with enzyme.js + sinon.js + mocha.js

A simple stateless functional component that we want to test that it renders without propType warnings.

import React, { PropTypes } from 'react'

let VersionListItem = function ({ active, version }) {
  return (
    <a href='#' className={`list-group-item ${active}`}>
        Version {version}
VersionListItem.propTypes = {
  active: PropTypes.string,
  version: PropTypes.number
export default VersionListItem
import { describe, it, before, after } from 'mocha'
import sinon from 'sinon'
import React from 'react'
import { shallow } from 'enzyme'
import VersionListItem from './version-list-item'

// Since react will console.error propType warnings, that which we'd rather have
// as errors, we use sinon.js to stub it into throwing these warning as errors
// instead.
before(() => {
  sinon.stub(console, 'error', (warning) => { throw new Error(warning) })
// While not forgetting to restore it afterwards
after(() => { console.error.restore() })

describe('<VersionListItem />', () => {
  const props = {
    active: 'active',
    version: 1

  it('renders without error', () => {
    shallow(<VersionListItem {...props} />)
    // In this case there is no need for an assertion since we're only
    // interested in not getting any errors. And mocha will mark the test as a
    // failure if an error is thrown. :)

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lucasfcosta commented Feb 14, 2019

To anyone a bit puzzled reading this in 2019

The process.nextTick will work, but it does not get triggered automatically since you are enqueueing that failure.

It's also important to notice that you shouldn't simply stub all the error messages as that would cause infinite recursion due to errors being thrown inside components which then get caught by boundaries. Boundaries then use using console.error, triggering themselves infinitely.

@jgkingston's approach is more accurate if you want to catch propType warnings only, however, remember to throw in a context which is not the component one.

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