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Last active Oct 15, 2020
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Bulk download Strava activities
var maxPage = 25; // calculate this using (activities/20 + 1)
var activityType = "Run"; // change to the workout type you want, or blank for all
var p = 1;
var done = 0;
var url;
var nw ="workouts.html");
while (p <= maxPage) {
url = "" +
"?keywords=&activity_type=" + activityType + "&workout_type=&commute=&private_activities=" +
"&trainer=&gear=&new_activity_only=false" +
"&page=" + p + "&per_page=20";
url: url,
dataType: "json",
method: "GET",
success: function(data, textStatus, jqXHR) {
for (i in data.models) {
nw.document.write(JSON.stringify(data.models[i]) + "," + "");
if (done >= maxPage) {

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@scottpdawson scottpdawson commented Oct 15, 2020

See blog post for detailed usage instructions. Steps:

  1. Go to after signing in.
  2. Open Chrome’s developer tools and navigate to console window.
  3. Set maxPage and activityType above.
  4. Paste code into console.
  5. Copy new window's content into to convert to CSV.
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