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Working From Home with amazing ideas

Sebastian Gomez seagomezar

Working From Home with amazing ideas
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seagomezar / ejercicio2.js
Created Oct 24, 2020
Obtener el valor de una suma a partir de dos números ingresados por el usuario. Una vez obtenida la suma, mostrar el resultado a través de un mensaje.
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const a = 10;
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alert("hola mundo");
seagomezar / smbd_trabajofinal.ipynb
Last active Jul 15, 2020
Análisis de tenencias en desarrolladores de software.ipynb
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seagomezar /
Last active Dec 6, 2018
Web Technologies Community Efforts

Comunity Impact

Hi, My Name is Sebastian Gomez and I am Web UI developer (AKA Front-end Developer) at @globant, but also I organize the GDG Medellín. Here is my community impact in Web Technologies.

1. GDG Medellín (Organizer - Community Meetup)

GDG community held in Medellín with +1354 members and +30 attendees per meetup. So far we carried out 31 meetups: since 2015

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function bar() {
function foo(x = bar()) {
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function bar() {
function foo(x = bar()) {
// What is the expected output?
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1. Open Google Calendars
2. In the top right click on "Settings"
3. In the left side click on your calendar name.
4. Scroll down to "Share with specific people"
5. Click on add people
6. Enter the email you want to share
7. Click on Ok.
8. Open email you want share.
9. Click on the new email.
10. You will see the events of the other calendar.