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Pre-commit hooks for Rails projects
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Pre-commit hooks to check the code for errant syntax issues, like logging messages, etc.
# Chris Cummer
# Check to see if I've left any debugging lines in the ruby files
def check_for_ruby_debug( flag )
run_cmd( flag, "grep -rls 'puts \">>' ../../app/**/*.rb", "Debug puts found in:" )
# Check to see if I've left any :focus rspec directives
def check_for_rspec_focus( flag )
run_cmd( flag, "grep -rls ', :focus' ../../spec/**/*.rb", "Rspec :focus directive found in:" )
def run_cmd( flag, cmd, msg )
result = `#{cmd}`
if '' != result
print_result( msg, result )
flag = true
def print_result( msg, result )
puts "#{msg} \n"
puts result
puts "\n"
# ------------------------------ Main ------------------------------ #
flag = false
flag = check_for_ruby_debug( flag )
flag = check_for_rspec_focus( flag )
exit 1 if flag
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