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mozjpeg vs. libjpeg-turbo – Output File Size and Execution Time

Lossless and progressive optimization of multiple (random picked, less than 1 MB) JPEG images with mozjpeg 2.0 and libjpeg-turbo.

Original Size mozjpeg Size libjpeg-turbo Size mozjpeg Speed libjpeg-turbo Speed
621 KB 612 KB 615 KB 0.658 s 0.297 s
505 KB 475 KB 477 KB 0.481 s 0.204 s
391 KB 376 KB 385 KB 0.846 s 0.441 s
888 KB 780 KB 794 KB 0.786 s 0.346 s
700 KB 668 KB 670 KB 0.765 s 0.320 s
425 KB 408 KB 415 KB 0.700 s 0.270 s
322 KB 309 KB 314 KB 0.389 s 0.164 s
Both libraries are called with:
time jpegtran -copy none -progressive img.jpg > compressed.jpg


  • mozjpeg generates 1,18% smaller* files as libjpeg-turbo
  • mozjpeg is 2,3x slower* as libjpeg-turbo

* Average based on table entries


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@ghost ghost commented Jun 13, 2019

what version used? it seems queer


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@mindplay-dk mindplay-dk commented Nov 14, 2019

I'm pretty sure the goal of mozjpeg us is produce better images - comparing the filesize alone probably isn't really meaningful without also comparing the (possibly subjective) image quality?

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