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Choosing a bicycle drivetrain

Parts of

Things that make up a bicycle drivetrain. All parts are not present on all bike


How you apply force to the drivetrain. In general, there are three categories: flat pedals, pedals with clips or straps, or clipless pedals

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My moderately in depth review of albums from the list I sent. Anything on this is on Spotify (and the album links there) because I'm too lazy to find them elsewhere (🙇‍♂️ to Jeff for finding the ringing rocks link).

One thing to note: I listen to music regularly these days, but pretty much only when working. I generally like music with lyrics, but I can't do new music with lyrics, because it's distracting, so I mostly listen to the same things over and over.

So I decided to go through the list and listen to all the albums that seemed interesting.

Here are the ones I will listen to again:

| Artist | Album | List description | My review |

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Some of the biases I have when considering code:

This list is particularly targeted at Ruby code, since that's what I have the most experience with

Delegation: Spent multiple days working on a bug without realizing it was delegated in the place it was occuring. I think it started out not delegated and became so later on, so tests weren't catching it, and delegation overrode one of the methods? In general, I feel like any time spent figuring out what something actually is, if it seems to be one thing in the code but is actually a different thing, is wasted time.

Single Responsibility Principle: Bike Index bike creation bug hunts. Any new service has to be compared against the Bike Index bike creation process - where when there is a bug, I have to trace it through a series of files. I feel like this tracery is a waste of time. Unless multiple other files need access to the same thing, I'm generally opposed to creating extra files.

Hand written sql: You can extend things that are Active Rec

sethherr / FrameModel.rb
Last active July 27, 2017 21:22
Bikebook schemaing
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class FrameModel
def components_serialized do |c|
cgroup = "Additional parts"
cgroup = c.ctype.cgroup if c.ctype.present?
comp = {
description: c.description,
front_or_rear: c.front_or_rear,
year: c.year,

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am sethherr on github.
  • I am sethherr ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASCaHk980P7DhH3J5jIHPYH5WtDOXk6LGrpQ5a__n3pvkAo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

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Key Display Description Category c definition JS Keycode
A Alphabet KC_A 65
B Alphabet KC_B 66
C Alphabet KC_C 67
D Alphabet KC_D 68
E Alphabet KC_E 69
F Alphabet KC_F 70
G Alphabet KC_G 71
H Alphabet KC_H 72
I Alphabet KC_I 73
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keymaps/keymap_145158258498reactor.c: In function 'matrix_scan_user':
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sethherr / shortcuts.markdown
Last active June 20, 2017 16:27
Good shortcuts to remember on mac
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General OSX shortcuts

Space Opens up finder - use it to open or switch applications, or find files
w Close current tab
t Open new tab
Shiftt Open most recently closed tab (Chrome and Sublime and Firefox, not universal)
; Open up settings for the current application
Tab Switch between applications