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ErgoDox EZ

All about the ErgoDox EZ

Configuring your ErgoDox

Installing a configuration

a.k.a. flashing the firmware

First, make sure:

  • Your keyboard is plugged in
  • You know what the "Teensy reset button" is (the tiny hole in the upper right). Alternatively, you can use the "teensy" key if it's in your keymap.
  • Download the firmware.eep from this repository


  1. Download and run the Teensy Loader app
  2. Press and release the Teensy reset button
  3. Click the "Auto" button on the upper right hand side of the Teensy-Loader window
  4. Drag and drop the '.eep' file onto the Teensy loader window.
  5. Drag and drop the '.hex' file onto the Teensy loader window.
  6. Press and release the Teensy reset button


  • If this process fails in the "Auto" button stage, try dragging in a .eep and a .hex file, then pressing auto and restarting the process from the beginning.
  • For a more detailed account, check out the ergodox-firmware repository

Keyboard configuration tools

  • keyboard-configurator from massdrop
    • Works and looks good check the comments on that page for information about special keys, like hold-key-for-layer and media keys
    • Isn't open source. Doesn't provide a way to load other people's configurations into the tool.
  • fusion
    • Open source. Work in progress. Will exist soon.

Existing configurations

You can download these configurations and use them. Right now, there are images to preview, but once the ErgoDox configuration too.

Do you have your own configuration? Please add it to this list in a pull request, it would be great to build an extensive list.

Write/update your own configuration (in c!)

This requires a little bit of familiarity with coding.

  1. Go to and read the Readme at the base of the repository, top to bottom.
  2. Follow the instructions for ergodox_ez configuration
  3. Create a repository to track your configuration and add it to this readme

Information about the ErgoDox EZ

The ErgoDox EZ was created by Erez, who ran a successful Indiegogo campaign in 2015 and shipped keyboards in December of 2015

You can still purchase one on the indiegogo page.

Technical Specifications

The compact and ergonomic open-source ErgoDox mechanical keyboard, fully assembled in Taiwan in an injection-molded ABS plastic case, with:

  • Two independent halves connected by a 3.5mm jack cable (replace cable for custom length)
  • USB jack and starter cable (replace cable for custom length) a full (including flashing alternative firmware, switching keycaps, but not opening case or dunking in aquarium) 2-year manufacturer's warranty
  • A Teensy 2 (32 KB) micro-controller running QMK firmware with support for N-key rollover (NKRO), unicode input up to at least 0xfff, mouse keys, and fully customizable layouts

Options and accessories

Official options/accessories

  • Printed keycaps in DSA (flat) profile
  • Blank keycaps come in DCS (sculptured) profile.
  • Tilt/Tent kit: six rubber-footed metal legs for custom tilt (front-to-back) and tent (side-to-side) angle adjustments of each keyboard half, standard thumb screw size
  • Wing wrist rest
  • one-handed version (seen by computer as 2 keyboards)

Unofficial options

This list is ongoing and a work in progress. Please update with more information!

Articles and Reviews


Much thanks to @inkthink for his original unofficial wiki, @sethherr and @ezuk

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