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Last active August 29, 2015 14:09
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Bike Index strategy for python flask social
Some information about OAuth on the Bike Index available, srys, still under development
from social.backends.oauth import BaseOAuth2
class BikeIndexOAuth2(BaseOAuth2):
name = 'bikeindex'
ID_KEY = 'id'
DEFAULT_SCOPE = ['read_bikes']
('refresh_token', 'refresh_token', True),
('id', 'id'),
('bike_ids', 'bike_id')
def get_user_details(self, response):
"""Return user details from Bike Index account"""
name = response.get('name') or ''
return {'bike_ids': response.get('bike_ids')}
def user_data(self, access_token, *args, **kwargs):
"""Grab user profile information from Bike Index."""
response = self.get_json('',
params={'access_token': access_token})
if 'bike_ids' in response:
response = {
'bike_id': response['bike_ids']
return response
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Modeled after Amazon's strategy - you can view the Bike Index ruby strategy here

I put in a default_scope of read_bikes, even though that isn't the default scope because it's the scope that is going to be the most useful. But really, it should be public and you should add read_bikes and read_user when you create the app.

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