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const (
// Bech32PrefixAccAddr defines the Bech32 prefix of an account's address
Bech32PrefixAccAddr = "tru:"
// Bech32PrefixAccPub defines the Bech32 prefix of an account's public key
Bech32PrefixAccPub = "tru:pub"
// Bech32PrefixValAddr defines the Bech32 prefix of a validator's operator address
Bech32PrefixValAddr = "tru:valoper"
// Bech32PrefixValPub defines the Bech32 prefix of a validator's operator public key
Bech32PrefixValPub = "tru:valoperpub"
// Bech32PrefixConsAddr defines the Bech32 prefix of a consensus node address
View genesis.json
"genesis_time": "2018-11-29T02:28:27.057819Z",
"chain_id": "test-chain-JHrAIn",
"consensus_params": {
"block_size": {
"max_bytes": "22020096",
"max_gas": "-1"
"evidence": {
"max_age": "100000"
View db-9.go
// Mutations write to the database
type Mutations interface {
UpsertProfile(profile *Profile) error
// Queries read from the database
type Queries interface {
ProfileByUsername(username string) (Profile, error)
View db-8.go
// Updates an existing Profile or creates a new one
func (c *Client) UpsertProfile(profile *Profile) error {
_, err := c.Model(profile).
OnConflict("(id) DO UPDATE").
Set("username = EXCLUDED.username").
return err
View db-7.go
// Finds a Profile by the given username
func (c *Client) ProfileByUsername(username string) (Profile, error) {
profile := new(Profile)
err := c.Model(profile).Where("username = ?", username).Select()
if err != nil {
return *profile, err
return *profile, nil
View db-6.go
// GenericQueries are generic reads for models
type GenericQueries interface {
Count(model interface{}) (int, error)
Find(model interface{}) error
FindAll(models interface{}) error
// Count returns the count of the model
func (c *Client) Count(model interface{}) (count int, err error) {
count, err = c.Model(model).Count()
View db-5.go
// GenericMutations write to the database
type GenericMutations interface {
Add(model ...interface{}) error
RegisterModel(model interface{}) error
Remove(model interface{}) error
View db-4.go
// Add adds any number of models as a database rows
func (c *Client) Add(model ...interface{}) error {
return c.Insert(model...)
View db-3.go
// RegisterModel creates a table for a type.
// A table is automatically created based on the passed in struct fields.
func (c *Client) RegisterModel(model interface{}) error {
return c.CreateTable(model, &orm.CreateTableOptions{
Temp: false,
IfNotExists: true,
View db-2.go
// Datastore defines all operations on the DB
// This interface can be mocked out for tests, etc.
type Datastore interface {
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