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keeping it simple

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keeping it simple
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Q: Well that came at a cost don’t you think?
A: what cost Jews have been prosecuted in many places over many years but now they have a military and police to protect them
Q: You became a nation-state, the thing you’ve been describing as fragile.
A: the Jewish identity and religion has created this state and it might evolve change but the idea that Jews as an ethnic group and as a religion trying to exist on the land of Israel is not fragile so if the current state falls a similar one will surely rise.
Q: What about minorities? What about the displaced?
A: let's be specific Arab Muslims in Israel are a minority as a country we try to give them all the rights that we have as Jews we do the same fore Druze and other minorities the only problem is
A: Arab Muslims are not a minority on a global scale they might be even the majority that is why they permit themselves to behave violently in Israel knowing that their brothers Will have their back's (like they do from time to time)
A: Druez on the other hand love I