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Last active November 23, 2020 21:53
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Rules of channels #mcpedevs and #pocketmine on

Channel Rules

These rules are based on #mcdevs rules. They are pretty straightforward and for the most part are just common etiquette.

Banned Users

#mcpedevs public log

#pocketmine public log

General Rules

  • Do not harass main developers. This includes needlessly pinging them.
  • No Advertising. This includes servers, hosting sites.
  • Be patient. This is not your personal 24-hour support channel, and people will respond when they feel like it.
  • Be polite. People are much more likely to help you when you aren't being a brat.
  • No away messages, no "What's playing messages", no spam.
  • Do not ask to ask. Simply join, say hello, and ask your question. Do not repeat your questions.
  • If you need to paste more than three lines, use a pastebin like Gist.
  • Off topic chatter is perfectly fine so long as you are not interrupting on-topic conversation.
  • PocketMine-related talk and questions should be directed at #pocketmine, leaving #mcpedevs for general questions.
  • All server talk and help must be done on #pocketmine
  • We will not help you to pirate the game nor support pirated versions of the game.
  • Do not ask about why others are banned. It's personal.

PocketMine bug reports and exploits

If you want to report a bug, do so on the PocketMine-MP issues page. If the bug can be used to attack servers, report it on the IRC itself to a trusted user or one of the main developers.


Please ask one of the OPs of the channel before bringing it in. Do not use these bots repeatedly, spamming the channel with messages. And of course, you won't find a infinite loop using different bots and trigger it.

Approved Bots

  • [o__o]: IRC channel logger, homepage. By lincolnloop
  • NullFull: Forwards interesting tweets, searches data, and more. By humerusj
  • MrQuoter: Manages IRC quotes and generates statistics. By Brandon15811
  • PocketMine-PHP: Build bot for PHP binaries.
  • Not-XXX: Notifico! bot to forward commits or other interesting data. By TkTech
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English:I need help because somehow I can no longer install the plugin, someone could send me the files (the code)
Deutsch:Ich brauche Hilfe, weil ich das Plugin irgendwie nicht mehr installieren kann, jemand könnte mir die Dateien (den Code) schicken

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