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Last active June 1, 2023 12:24
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List of AWS Service Principals
Copy link is missing. It's a new service which recently added

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Audit Manager service principal, which is .

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f0xtek commented Jan 13, 2023 has recently been added for the fairly new Network Manager Reachability Analyzer. Now supports delegated administrator functionality for cross-account analyses.

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EvaBaaza commented Mar 6, 2023 is missing. It's a new service which recently added

Thanks for this

Copy link is wrong.

You can either have,



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dls314 commented Mar 30, 2023


Small typo introduced here -- should be instead

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nwber commented Apr 20, 2023 should be

Source: I was furiously searching for this and found it deep in

Copy link should be

Does anyone know when should we reference the global endpoint and when the regional endpoint ?

I have found referencing one or the other in some IAM polices.

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dls314 commented Apr 21, 2023

This list seems to be / have become a mix of AWS Service Principals and service endpoints. Is there a clear way to separate the two?

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