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Created October 31, 2013 21:10
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Tip to delete tags by pattern
#delete all the remote tags with the pattern your looking for, ie. DEV-
git tag | grep <pattern> | xargs -n 1 -i% git push origin :refs/tags/%
#delete all your local tags
git tag | xargs -n 1 -i% git tag -d %
#fetch the remote tags which still remain
git fetch
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luwes commented Sep 16, 2018

Awesome @chinmaya-kony, this is the easiest I've seen. Thanks!
For the remote an origin is missing I think.
e.g git push -d origin $(git tag -l "*v3.[2]*-beta*")

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trygub commented Jan 28, 2019

git push origin --delete $(git tag -l "*v3.[2]*-beta*")

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kerryj89 commented Jan 7, 2021

Run the following command If you get the message delete doesn't make sense without any refs when trying to delete remote tags:

git push origin --delete $(git ls-remote --tags | grep "tag_prefix.*[^}]$" | cut -f 2)

  • git ls-remote --tags will output all remote tags.
  • grep "*tag_prefix.*[^}]$" will ignore tags with annotated dereference operator "^{}" since including them errored out.
  • cut -f 2 keeps the tag name column only

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scottmathews commented May 5, 2021

I accomplished this in posh-git PowerShell on Windows with this if anyone is needing to do the same:
git tag --list 'v[0-9].[1-9].*' --no-column | % { git tag -d $_; git push origin --delete $_ }

Note that I was specifying all builds from v1.1.0 and up, deleting them locally, and from the remote.

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Thank you for all these great commands!

Regarding @kerryj89 's version, you can modify it to work with any remote:

git push upstream --delete $(git ls-remote --tags upstream | grep "tag_prefix.*[^}]$" | cut -f 2)

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Thanks @kerryj89. This worked fine on macOS! 👏

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You can try this. It will delete all matching tag patterns. E.g. for deleting tags starting with v1.0, use git tag -d $(git tag -l "v1.0*")

Delete remote: git push -d $(git tag -l "tag_prefix*") Delete local: git tag -d $(git tag -l "tag_prefix*")

Thank You @chinmaya-kony & @luwes.
Thank You All for the help🙏🏻

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