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Will it double-fetch? Browser behavior with `module` / `nomodule` scripts

Testing double-fetching of module/nomodule JS code (including the Safari hack)

<script type="module" src="module.js"></script>
<script nomodule src="nomodule.js"></script>

Test page:

IE/Edge Firefox Chrome Safari fetches module fetches nomodule executes
15- 59- 55- 10.0- v v nomodule
16 10.1/3 v v module
17-18 double! v module
56-60 v nomodule
60+ 61+ 11.0+* v module


  • no browser does double execution (provided the Safari hack)
  • modern Chrome and Firefox never fetch more than necessary
  • Safari <11 may or may not double fetch (even with the hack); it does not on small test pages, but in real complex pages it does (it seems deterministic, but not clear what's the exact trigger)
  • Safari 11+ may still double fetch in some cases (see
  • pre-2018 browsers do double fetches
  • latest Edge does triple fetch (2x module + 1x nomodule)
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