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Last active November 23, 2022 22:16
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async mentoring rules

Async Mentorship

Most mentees belive that they need sync mentorship to be able to explain their problems. However, I've found that doing an async mentorship using text to provide better results. Mentorship is a long term process, you can't "fix" or "improve" someone in a session, it takes time.


Mentorship Cycle

The mentee will pass in the 3 steps of the mentorship cycle. The first one is to be in a given situation, or having some problem or doubt. The mentor will analyse and provide some advice and ideas based on his/her experience, thus unblocking the mentee to do more work. After that, the mentee needs to work, read and reflect on ideas and advice, that will make him/her progress in his/her goals.


  • be proactive and active in twitter and discord, to bring new situations and problems to the mentor
  • ask a lot of questions to guide you to find the answer you are looking for
  • read everything that was recommended, code everything that is needed, apply advices to test if they work for you
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