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Created January 8, 2018 07:35
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Test for attaching a png to a gist
  1. Create a new public gist on
  2. Under "Clone this gist", copy the link (i.e.,
  3. If you have the command line git tools, clone this gist to a local folder: git clone
  4. It will add a folder with the gist id as a name (i.e., 4415518) under the current working directory. Navigate to this folder in the command line: cd 4415518 (dir 4415518 on windows)
  5. Navigate to this folder in your file explorer and add an image (i.e., test.png)
  6. Add it to git from the command line: git add test.png
  7. Commit it to git: git commit -m "I just added a file!"
  8. Push this commit to your remote gist (you will need your Github user name and password): git push
  9. Go back and refresh your Gist on to confirm that it worked
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