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/* Put Google Ads Data in Google Spreadsheet
* -----------------------------------------
* Script by
* v3 (20190702)
* - updated to API v201809
* v2 (20180810)
* - updated to newer reporting version in ads API
// Instructions:
// You can edit the following settings
// - query: this is the AWQL query that tells AdWords what data to include. We’ve added a few sample queries in the code or you can write your own just like your write SQL.
// - spreadsheetUrl: the Url of the Google spreadsheet that this script will update.
// - tabName: the name of the sheet (tab) in the spreadsheet that should be updated.
// - reportVersion: the version of the AdWords API reports you’re using. The data available in the Ads API changes periodically so this ensures our script talks to the right version of AdWords.
var QUERIES = [{'query' : 'SELECT AdGroupId, Id, Conversions, ConversionTypeName ' +
'spreadsheetUrl' : '',
'tabName' : 'Conversion Types',
'reportVersion' : 'v201809'
{'query' : 'SELECT CampaignName, Clicks, Impressions, Cost ' +
'WHERE Impressions > 10 ' +
'spreadsheetUrl' : '',
'tabName' : 'Campaigns',
'reportVersion' : 'v201809'
function main() {
for(var i in QUERIES) {
var queryObject = QUERIES[i];
var query = queryObject.query;
var spreadsheetUrl = queryObject.spreadsheetUrl;
var tabName = queryObject.tabName;
var reportVersion = queryObject.reportVersion;
//Logger.log(spreadsheetUrl + " " + query);
var spreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp.openByUrl(spreadsheetUrl);
var sheet = spreadsheet.getSheetByName(tabName);
var report =, {apiVersion: reportVersion});

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siphid commented May 8, 2018

Hello! Is it possibile to use and add some other custom columns/data inside also?


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siliconvallaeys commented Aug 10, 2018

Hi, the script already uses so you can update the AWQL to include any metrics, attributes, and segments you'd like.

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