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1) Create a branch with the tag
git branch {tagname}-branch {tagname}
git checkout {tagname}-branch
2) Include the fix manually if it's just a change ....
git add .
git ci -m "Fix included"
or cherry-pick the commit, whatever is easier
git cherry-pick {num_commit}
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Created March 25, 2020 07:27 — forked from iest/
Setting up environment variables with various shells

What the hell are environment variables?

They're just variables you set on your system that various programs/processes can read. A fairly standard example in javascript circles would be setting your NODE_ENV variable to "production" or "development", altering how node code is executed on your system (for example showing more debug messaging when in development).

With most shells there's a way to set them for the current session, and a way to set them for all sessions. The following is meant to be a guide on how to set env vars in the various shells.

Bash (The default shell on OSX)

Setting for the session:

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Created December 15, 2019 06:00 — forked from staltz/
The introduction to Reactive Programming you've been missing
const bypass = [
// function names to avoid logging
const collapsed = [
// function names to groupCollapsed
module.exports = function(babel) {
const { types: t } = babel;
const wrapFunctionBody = babel.template(`{
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Created November 29, 2019 15:15 — forked from ospatil/git.txt
Important git command for branch and tag management
1. get list of remote tags
git ls-remote --tags origin
2. get list of local tags
git tag
3. remove local tag
git tag -d <tag name>
4. delete remote tag

Aligning images

left alignment

This is the code you need to align images to the left:

Image source

Try resize it!

  • ![]( | width=100)