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Save all objects from your session into a single compressed file
import __main__
import pickle
from bz2 import BZ2File
from gzip import GzipFile
from typing import Optional, List
def save_env(path: str, objects: Optional[List[str]] = None, compress: str = 'gzip', protocol: int = -1):
Save the environment (list of objects) of Jupyter Notebook into a compressed file
path: path to the file
objects: names of global objects to be saved
compress: compression - default 'gzip', slower but better 'bz2', faster but much worse 'none'
protocol: pickle protocol version (-1 = latest)
Inspired by
if objects is None:
# TODO(petr): if objects is None, save all objects
raise NotImplementedError("Saving all objects not yet implemented.")
with _get_file_handler(path, compress, "w") as fw:
pickle.dump(objects, fw)
for key in objects:
pickle.dump(getattr(__main__, key), fw, protocol=protocol)
except TypeError:
raise TypeError('Don\'t know how to pickle: {}'.format(key))
except AttributeError:
raise AttributeError('Unknown object: {}'.format(key))
def load_env(path: str, compress: str = 'gzip') -> List[str]:
Load the environment (saved previously by `save_env`)
path: path to the file
compress: compression used by `save_env`, either 'gzip' (default), 'bz2', or 'none'
A list of object names that have been loaded.
with _get_file_handler(path, compress, "r") as fr:
objects = pickle.load(fr)
for key in objects:
setattr(__main__, key, pickle.load(fr))
return objects
def _get_file_handler(tmp_path, compress, mode):
if compress == 'gzip':
return GzipFile(tmp_path, mode)
elif compress == 'bz2':
return BZ2File(tmp_path, mode)
elif compress == 'none':
return open(tmp_path, mode + 'b')
raise NotImplementedError('Compress method {} is not implemented. Use "gzip", "bz2" or "none" instead.'.format(compress))
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