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Simeon Willbanks simeonwillbanks

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// Navigate to and then run:
// Taken from:
.forEach(el => { const org = el.querySelector('a[href^="/YOUR_ORG"]'); if (org) el.querySelector('button').click()});
evandrojr / ruby.json
Created Mar 28, 2017
Debug with pry in VSCODE
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// Place your snippets for Ruby here. Each snippet is defined under a snippet name and has a prefix, body and
// description. The prefix is what is used to trigger the snippet and the body will be expanded and inserted. Possible variables are:
// $1, $2 for tab stops, $0 for the final cursor position, and ${1:label}, ${2:another} for placeholders. Placeholders with the
// same ids are connected.
// Example:
"Debug with pry": {
"prefix": "pry",
"body": [
View Elasticsearch install and uninstall.txt
#!/usr/bin/env sh
# checks to see if running
launchctl list | grep elasticsearch
launchctl unload ~/Library/LaunchAgents/homebrew.mxcl.elasticsearch.plist
launchctl remove homebrew.mxcl.elasticsearch
pkill -f elasticsearch
LeZuse /
Last active Apr 7, 2021
Mac OS Dev Machine Setup

Mac OS Dev Machine Setup


  • install chrome
    • enable "Chrome > Warn Before Quiting"
  • login to google account
  • install dropbox
    • Sync “Apps”, “Tools & Scripts" (Dotssh), “”
    • check out “Install” for various installers
  • install The Unarchiver (app store)
quinncomendant / umbrella
Last active Jan 21, 2021
[WARNING: this script no longer works with newer versions of the roaming client software, which now has a *Disable* control in its menu so use that instead.] Cisco Umbrella Roaming Client management script for Mac OS X. This makes it easy to manage the background processes of umbrella to start, stop, restart, sleep and get status.
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# Quinn Comendant <>
# Since 25 Jan 2015
# Version 1.2.2
# q 13942 0.0 0.3 4408332 22096 ?? SN 7:32PM 0:00.27 /Applications/OpenDNS Roaming Client/
# nobody 13937 0.0 0.1 4296740 5164 ?? Ss 7:31PM 0:00.06 /usr/local/sbin/dnscrypt-proxy --user nobody --local-address= -d
# root 13903 0.0 0.2 4366308 13752 ?? SNs 7:31PM 0:00.25 /Library/Application Support/OpenDNS Roaming Client/dns-updater
qrush / gist:10401517
Created Apr 10, 2014
Replace tabs with 4 spaces, remove leading spaces/tabs for Objective-C .m, .h files
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find . -name "*.[mh]" | while read line; do expand -t 4 $line > $; mv $ $line; done
find . -name "*.[mh]" | while read line; do git stripspace < $line > $; mv $ $line; done
jvns /
Last active May 6, 2021
A list of questions you could ask while interviewing

A lot of these are outright stolen from Edward O'Campo-Gooding's list of questions. I really like his list.

I'm having some trouble paring this down to a manageable list of questions -- I realistically want to know all of these things before starting to work at a company, but it's a lot to ask all at once. My current game plan is to pick 6 before an interview and ask those.

I'd love comments and suggestions about any of these.

I've found questions like "do you have smart people? Can I learn a lot at your company?" to be basically totally useless -- everybody will say "yeah, definitely!" and it's hard to learn anything from them. So I'm trying to make all of these questions pretty concrete -- if a team doesn't have an issue tracker, they don't have an issue tracker.

I'm also mostly not asking about principles, but the way things are -- not "do you think code review is important?", but "Does all code get reviewed?".

JamieMason / unfollow.js
Last active Apr 30, 2021
Unfollow everyone on
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// Unfollow everyone on, by Jamie Mason (
// 1. Go to
// 2. Open the Developer Console. (COMMAND+ALT+I on Mac)
// 3. Paste this into the Developer Console and run it
// See this tweet by @jacknotlittle for a video showing you how to do it;
jbenet /
Last active Apr 30, 2021
a simple git branching model

a simple git branching model (written in 2013)

This is a very simple git workflow. It (and variants) is in use by many people. I settled on it after using it very effectively at Athena. GitHub does something similar; Zach Holman mentioned it in this talk.

Update: Woah, thanks for all the attention. Didn't expect this simple rant to get popular.

jch /
Created Aug 16, 2013
some pseudocode for polling long running jobs
# # PollingRequest
# A xhr request that repeatedly polls a [progress-aware endpoint](#progress-aware-endpoint).
# req =
# url: /states.csv
# interval: 2000 # polling interval in milliseconds
# progress: (n)->
# console.log "Progress: #{n} percent"
# success: (res)->